Sunday, 14 September 2008

Mumabi Rocks!

WARNING: This post is being written under the influence of 8 glasses of Martini.. hehehe.. yeah.. I said 8 glasses of Martini. I was going for 10 but man.. I just could not go past the 8th one.

So I finally got my ass out of India and landed in UK. Things were going pretty smoothly until my passport got stuck in the home office. My boss originally planned for me to go on 2 weeks vacation. After I still didn’t get my passport back at the end of week two, I started to fret, worry and write the home office. Then I also had to talk to my boss who had no prior knowledge of me being “without” passport. I thank God the guy is understanding! 2 weeks slowly rolled into three weeks with no passport. By then, I had already made serious prayer requests to God and changed my flight tickets twice! (with additional fees o!) Anyways.. I got my passport back on 4th Sept and was on a flight back to Mumbai on 5th Sept. I was too glad to be on that flight. With this credit crunch in the UK and people fearing for their jobs.. the last thing I want to do is anything that would get me fired and back on the job market.. hehehe..

So, I got back to Mumbai early Saturday morning. I went straight to my girl, Dee’s place in Bandra. Dee’s end is where the party at! I made her hair the very same day I got back into town and the following day was some dinner thing at the Grand Hyatt hotel. I am really starting to loose track. All those drinks and stuff.. lol.. I had fun sha. The following Monday, I went back to the office.. I could see people looking at me like “WTF has she done to her hair now!” I really love shocking people at work with my hair. Hehehe. From the different colored braids to my afro to the sleek weaves.. lol.. These people are totally confused. Even my boss had to comment! Lol! I totally loved it.

Being back at the office, I finally realized that I may be spending more time in India that I initially bargained for. These guys have no plans to transfer me O! I have been here 11months already and my employment visa is being renewed tomorrow. I guess this is the cue/wake up call which I need to finally convince me that I would be here for at least another year! Ye! Mo ti daran! (Laments: I am in big trouble) Here are a few things which I need to do to make my life here more permanent:

1.) Buy my own personal bed covers: For the past year, I have been sleeping on the sheets which the apartment service company provided with the apartment. They are white sheets which look like the ones you get in hotels/hospitals. I have since been deceiving myself that I don’t need to get my personal one as I would not be here in India long enough. I guess I was wrong

2.) Change my sim card from pre-paid to post paid: I have been on the Pay as you go system for the past 11 months. I have been saying I don’t need to “commit” to post paid as I would be leaving India soon. I guess the joke is on me right now eh?

3.) Bedroom furniture: I need to put things up on my bedroom wall. Really. This room just looks.. well.. bland.. there is nothing here that is “ME” Its very impersonal so I need to start making myself at home.. India is going to be my home for the next couple of months at the most

4.) Stop complaining about India (Full Stop)

Ahhh.. it feels good letting that out.

Ohh.. I found out I was missing my debit card last Sunday when I got back to India. I was totally freaking out! I couldn’t figure out if I left it in Manchester airport or Abu-Dhabi airport or even in Bandra during the trips out. I had to cancel the debit card with the bank to be on the safe side with onle 600rs in my pocket and no food in my house. I have had to borrow money from my Egyptian sweet heart. Hmm.. I don tire o. I don’t even feel happy at all. I don’t feel right without my debit card safe in my purse.

My boss tells me I am going back to the rig in two days. Same rig I was on last time near DIU. Phew.. I am happy about this don’t get me wrong. More experience, more exposure, more blah blah blah.. hehehe.

This past weekend, I went to Dee’s place again. We went to see the Symphony Orchestra of India perform. Since I don’t know anything about the Orchestra, I was already sleeping half way through the performance.. what for do? I gotta try to be “posh” every now and then now! Lol..

Back to the 8 glasses of Martini. Today was Brunch Buffet at the Grand Hyatt hotel. All you can eat and drink for just under 50 Dollars. Where I come from, we call this “Awoof!” Come and see your girl in action. There is nothing like drinking in the afternoon. You get back home and you have enough time to sleep it off before the following morning.. hehehe. It was really nice and I am still very tipsy.. I need to go “sleep it off”

Random: OMG.. I need to start going back to the gym or doing some form of exercise.. I have GAINED!! Vacation and Brunches and Dinners out are not doing me any favours at all!

Its good to be back up here.. thanks guys.. for hollering and kicking my ass back into blogville..

Lotta love

PS: Please forgive the typos.. I am still very much under the influence..


30+ said...

If you get to 10 glasses I may have to recommend the AA.

Glad you had fun

pink gloves said...

Aunty TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. lol. Make the best of India jare. Shey i should come see you next year? but i will need a new Indian Visa. lol.

joicee said...

Easy on the bottle o... my sister
Try and have as much fun in India ..True dat about the economy...I hope my peeps in England arent fretting o...chai

Tolantino said...

make you no worry.. my situation is not that critical..yet..

My gal.. wassup! If you wanna come next year.. we need to plan.. i need to take days off or whatever.. i will be a tourist with you as i havent even yet had the time to visit anyting touristy in india. pls come next year.. I have taken too much vacation this year already.

Belive me every one is fretting.. even me i am starting to frett on people's behalf. I hope things turn around for the better.. and as for the bottle.. nothing do the bottle.. everything is aiight!

Love to everyone jare!.. i got gist and i need to blog about it

Fly Brother said...

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