Saturday, 20 September 2008

Diu.. once again

My boss decided to send me off to the rig about 5 days ago. Same rig as the last time. I was to travel to Diu and then to the rig the day after my arrival. On getting to Mumbai airport, you would not believe whom I “bumped” into! One of those aristos (old men) who were trying to toast me during my last trip to the rig.. Immediately he saw me, the flirting started. Starting with checking in together, getting coffee at the airport and constant chit-chat…. I was already cringing. We then boarded the plane to Diu for a rather dramatic flight. As the Plane left Mumbai for the 45mins flight to Diu, the flight crew did a good job of serving the curry meal which I really wasn’t feeling. About 30 mins into the flight, Captain makes an announcement:

“Due to bad weather in Diu, we will be slightly delayed and then we will make an attempt to land in Diu or return to Mumbai”

I was thinking, alright, no problem.. did you people not check with the weather in Diu before taking off from Mumbai? Or you guys checked and then the weather miraculously changed in the space of 30mins since we have been in the air?

I was trying not to fret o. I am usually a calm passenger but this time I was just a little bit distressed. 1hr after take off, we are still in the air. I could barely make out the island of Diu below me in thick fog. I was praying that this captain will not attempt any heroic or acrobatic landings. Me I am totally happy going back to Mumbai no problem!

The pilot tried to land the plane. We were so close to the runway.. and then next thing I know, the plane’s downward movement sharply turned into an upward one.. we were going back up! Shit! I was sitting in my seat for a good 20mins before the captains voice came up again..

“ladies and gentlemen….we will try another attempt at Diu and if unsuccessful, we will go back to Bombay… we actually tried once but it was unsuccessful. (are you kidding me? Like no one on the plane would notice the sharp change in direction of the plane.. tchiew) and BTW.. must we try again?

So.. the plane goes around the island.. for some reason which I really cannot explain, the fog seemed to have cleared a little since the last attempt, and the captain landed the plane! Come and see relief! I was so friggin happy! I just wanted to get off the plane.

My “toaster” invited me to come see the island of diu with him and then dinner.. I was so not interested.. this guy is supposed to be one of the people I report to so me I am not playing with I have already seen the island of diu.. boring!

After two days on the rig, I was sent back to Diu. The job is apparently over. I am sitting here in the hotel bored out of my skull.. I slept a total of 18hrs! and mosquitoes are starting to torment me while sitting on this computer. I need to go to the AC’d safety of my room.. will blog again later.. so many blogs I need to catch up on.. laters!


Fly Brother said...

LOL @ the formal announcement of the aborted landing. Guess the pilot wanted to make sure there was no ambiguity about the situation.

pink gloves said...

lol, sounds like some sheisty Baghdad style landing. lol.
As for the boss toasting u, just be a bit wary, and deflect him politely oh.

aloted said...

sisi..ah thank God for safety at ur aristos...nawa !

oya come and update