Monday, 18 August 2008

Out of India - Peace of Mind

Hehehe….I am lauging like someone who just downed half a bottle of blossom hill white wine. I wonder why? Guess its no surprise because I have just downed half a bottle of blossom hill white wine.. lol..

18 days or so since my last update. SUE ME IF YOU CAN CATCH ME!! He he he

Where did I leave off during my DIU chronicles? Oh aye.. I got called to the rig and was there for a few more days before my boss pulled me back out to land. I got to Mumbai on a Wednesday and then I was already booked on a flight for Manchester via Abudhabi on Saturday evening. 8/8/08.. OLYMPICS MANIA!!.. I was at a house party with a bunch of Chinese people who were totally ecstatic that china was hosting the Olympics. I must say that china did really put up a show which centuries would talk about. The lighting of the Olympic flame was sooo crouching tiger-hidden dragon-like… totally awesome. I can soo see the contingent from the London 2012 planning committee sitting in a corner with their hands in their heads wondering how the heck they are going to pull off the opening ceremony for London 2012. I guess they need to get to work and start recruiting all unemployed teenage mothers who are going to do the baby-pram-march at the beginning of the show LOL.. now I am being really cheeky.

I left Mumbai a day after the start of the Olympics. Flying through abu-dhabi was a disastrous decision. For starters, the airport is just too small for the number of people passing through it. The Duty free shopping is pitiful compared to Dubai and I could not even find a chair to sit.. tchiew.. totally disastrous. I finally got to Manchester after a 7hrs flight only to find the lady at immigration being a total bitch. Wetin I do this woman? (what have I done to this woman) I have a valid visa and all and she’s treating me like I have committed an offence? She’s telling me to be applying for visitor visa and all? She berra get off my case. She needs to be targeting the people who are trying to smuggle themselves into the country with fake passports and stuff instead of molesting me with my very valid Nigerian passport/visa despite the notorious reputation which my country men currently hold the world over. Anyways.. God will take charge of this situation.. just because I hold green passport does not immediately incriminate me. I am as legit as my grandfathers proverbs!

I got home early Sunday morning..(home being Manchester…) it’s popsise’s (daddy’s) birthday and popsie so happens to be in Manchester at the same time. We had fun celebrating daddy’s birthday before he flew out to Naija(Nigeria). My lil but not so lil brother flew out to Naija shortly after this and its only me left in the Queen’s own country.

I decided to visit Glasgow to see my friend Kenny. I’ve been here a couple of days now and its totally awesome. I am starting to feel like I am a very boring person now. Notting hill carnival is fast approaching and I will be there next weekend.. Monseiur Raffik just told me he is in Frrrance and he will be in London. I am looking forward to meeting my brother from another mother! He has been a true inspiration

OHH>> and my boss confirmed my promotion.. Hallelujah to the heavens.. I am so happy.. after all the torture and ass licking/wiping I had to do on the rig.. God dey sha!

I am wondering whats up with me these days.. I’ve been bicycle riding around Manchester like a true british scally…never mind my Nigerian roots. Really.. You see me in my track bottoms with hood biking it like no man’s business.. I am totally loving it at the moment..People look and think..”that babe is looking totally gangsta rough! Lol” I am trying to fade into the background as much as possible. I used to love the lime light but being in india with all the constant eyes being trained on me.. I really don’t want to be a part of that kind of attention anymore (thank you very much) I return to India in a few days. Deep down inside.. I am scared of what the future holds. My heart skips a beat whenever I think about the challenges in India and I start to doubt if I can handle it. I think I am being scarred emotionally in that place. But I think I have to do what I have to do.. no?

I finally went to church yesterday for the first time in almost a whole year! I was so at peace with myself. Really, I was really touched by the worshiping and I think I will be buying some Christian CD’s before I return to India. I need something spiritual to keep me going otherwise I may just loose my mind. This post is starting to take on a random angle so I will just stop right here. I am wishing everyone out there their hearts true desires….

Lots of love



yankeenaijababe said...

Congrats on the promotion o, God is doing big things for you. Been a while I visited your blog. Hope life is good. Well, glad all is well with you. Sure, take gospel music to India to keep your spirit alive.


congrats on the promotion and the healthy bicycle riding =)

Fly Brother said...

wow...working on a rig off the coast of india - you lead an interesting life!

stop by my spot sometime.


Naapali said...

"I guess they need to get to work and start recruiting all unemployed teenage mothers who are going to do the baby-pram-march at the beginning of the show LOL.. now I am being really cheeky."

- ouch!
- We did wonder here also just what the London folks are going to do, I guess the best bet is for them to start downplaying expectations.
- glad to know you are still doing well. Hold your head up.

Simi Speaks said...

hey u!! long time. how na?

Fly Brother said...


Tolantino said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by and I must apologise for not keeping up with the blog. I ended up having some issues in in UK which clipped my wings..temporarily.. thankfully. I am back in Mumbai finally Yay!!.. I guess.. lol.. Its kind of good to be back though.. back to bloggin.. damn.. i have so much to talk about already.. I am gonna get started!! Will be posting real soon.. Thanks all once again for the messages which encouraged me to at least crawl out of my shell and back to blogsville.. see you soon :-)

aloted said...

how u dey??
you never update since why now...??

Anyway you don win award o...pls check my blog for details ;)