Sunday, 13 July 2008

A Lot can happen in 3 weeks (Part 2)


Lol.. see me breaking down gist like I am writing nollywood script. Ok.. so here is part two. After my Colaba runs during the weekend, I was already fretting over my promotion. I should have had it by now but things are not going to plan. My boss is telling me there are a lot of things I ought to know which I don’t know and this is frustrating for me because I don’t feel like I am getting enough exposure here. But that aside, on that fateful Wednesday morning, I arrived at the office as normal. I was studying, I wanted to please my boss and I was also running some general errands in the office. That was how Mr R called me and my flatmate. Shuwo! What have we done wrong? Mr R then opened his computer. He showed me that I have 7 days off and about 21 vacation days pending. He said that I need to take those days off ASAP. He even suggested that I go back to my apartment for the rest of the day as he does not want to see me in the office. I asked if I could come to the office the following day, Mr R said to take 7 days off. Say what! Take 7 days off? Na beans? Me I cannot siddon in inida for 7 whole days. I will go mental. All of a sudden.. I had a revelation.. what if I could go to London and Manchester? Afterall, I haven’t seen my people on that side since I left in October. I quickly checked with travel desk.. kia kia they booked me on BA leaving Mumbai for that evening.. I wanted to faint.. I was overcome with excitement. One minute I was studying OIL CD in the office and next thing I am on a plane heading for Heathrow. I cannot even begin to describe the joy when my people saw me. It was a really good surprise. No sooner had I landed that I’d started wakaing around london. Infact.. I waka to the point that my trainers snapped. Oxford circus, west end.. come and see sales.. shopping.. everything dey there..I was in a dream o.

Posing on the Jubilee Line

Sharp sharp.. I headed out to Manchester to see my people. Some places will never change sha! I reach Manchester and I was welcomed with cold freezing rain. Thank God I took my Monsoon umbrella along with me from Mumbai. I sha did all the doables in Manchester and then headed back to London.. I waka some more. I met with friends from school whom I haven’t seen since boarding school days.. friends form Uni who are now working in London and also, I hooked up with aloted, a fellow blogger. It was awesome sha cos she is one of the people with whom I share names and we both have something else in common.. she was also an adult braces wearer..

Rocking the Natural Look in Manchester(Village Girl)

Thugging around the street on my brother's bike. Its true what they say.. you can never really forget how to ride a bicycle. I taught myself to ride at 15 and I haven't ridden since then. But three days ago, I got on the bike and I was riding with my eyes closed after falling off twice!

So.. yesterday evening.. I was back at Heathrow terminal 4 (A plane was heading for Mumbai and it had my name written on it). On reaching Mumbai early hours of Sunday.. I didn’t feel up for the 1.5hrs drive from the airport to my place in Thane. Instead, I stopped in Bandra at Dee’s place(with luggage,dutyfree shopping and all). My people, its so nice to have someone with whom you share cultural ties in Diaspora o.. speakless of a place like India. We hugged like long lost sisters..(even tho I was away less than two weeks.. lol) I filled her in on the gist.. apparently.. the guys in Bandra are having Brunch and Shiri was cooking.. fantastic.. I left my suitcase, grabbed one bottle of duty free red wine and went to join the party. It was totally awesome meeting new people there that Shiri had invited.. I found myself discussing US politics and economic downturn with another American girl.. Heck what do I know about that shit.. Kuch nahi (nothing) But it was fantastic fun. Around 6pm.. I went back to Dee’s and took my suitcase and then set out with Dee’s driver for the long-traffic-jammed-drive to thane. I was just slipping in and out of consciousness in the car. The sleep was gripping me tight.. I didn’t get home till 8pm.. So here I am on my bed. Its already 1.36am O! and I am still waking up for 6am.. lol.. the things I do to myself sha. This blog must be todate by force because I could get to the office and my boss can spin me 360 degrees again. All this has happened to me in the space of 3 weeks! Unbelievable.. and if I have surely learnt a lesson here.. to never ever ever ever procrastinate updating my blog. I will be going to the office tomorrow.. I wonder what the following weeks will have in store for me..


aloted said...

welcome back to inidia! lol

t'was sure fun catching up "offline" albeit for a short time. we should do something when next u r in town.

enjoy the rest of your week

30+ said...

Wow na wa some people are enjoying sha.

So you came to London and did not even ask if I was around may to hangout :(

No mind me abeg I am not in London - lol

Sha make sure you rest

Tolantino said...

@30+ Abeg no vex. I will be in town again shortly. I will defo give you a buzz to see if you are free and we can hook up.. I hope you are good.

And as for the enjoyment part, hardly. I was sent on the rigs barely 3 days after getting to mumbai. Its hell here.. work like a slave and slave for every last dollar (which by the way is depreciating by the second)

God dey o!