Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Actinia or Tamil Nadu

So, your girl turned up at the office on Monday and found nothing spectacular on ground. My boss is taking a day off and the person sitting in for him wants to send me to some rigsite in Tamil Nadu state in about 5 days.. I really don’t have five days to sit in the base o! Tamil Nadu is pretty close to the boarder with Sri Lanka so I guess this will be another geographical experience for me. Hijo is even on the same job and he called to inform me that he will be patiently awaiting my arrival (that boy is soo unserious!). I really wanted to do something so I decided to go and hassle the technicians to see if I can hang on to the hem of their coveralls while I observe them at work.. There was no joy either! Man.. it seems like activity is all but dead here o! May the Lawd have mercy. But on a better note, I think those technicians are starting to warm up to me. I go there so many times just to see what is going on that they have started smiling at me when I approach them.. lol (the power of persistence sha!)

I came to office this morning and cornered my boss.. he told me that he’s gonna be sending me to a rig called Actinia. Shey you guys remember Actinia now? I did a post called Feet Don Touch Ground where I described it was my rig exposure job. I was there for xmas and new year right before going to Abu Dhabi. I remember the job was so tough.. I even almost contemplated taking a swim in the ocean! Lol.. Okay.. maybe I didn’t. But I am not the same person who went on actinia. The training I have had has since prepared me for a comeback. Plus I have been to some jobs after this and I am very much confident.

So, I may be going off tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.. This has to be my promotion job.. I can feel it in my bones.. I need to go study some.. the day is almost over..


archiwiz said...

Ahh I am first!!!!

archiwiz said...

Allow me to say Congratulations ohh...God is giving you a feeling of what He's bringing your way.

Enough enjoyment... I love to travel as well.

Anonymous said...

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