Sunday, 13 July 2008

A Lot can happen in 3 weeks (part 1)

Rule number one of blogger.. “Never ever procrastinate updating your blog” This is the number one blogger sin because it will surely come back to bite you in the back side. See me as example, the last time I wrote on this blog, I promised you guys an update and three weeks later, its 00:49am, I am jet lagged, I have to be up for 6am, and I am forcing myself to update my blog.

You will not believe the number of things that can happen in three weeks my people.

To continue from where I left off on the last post, My boss let me off the hook Well.. I am assuming that he has done so since he has not mentioned anything to me till date. I went on to the rig. This rig was a massive drill ship sitting in water depth of about 1350m. My people that is some deep water I tell you. I was there for 10 days and being the only “lady” on board, they spoilt me to my own room. It was actually a two sleeper room with two satellites TV’s and wireless internet connection. I did not even miss land at all. For all I cared, I could have stayed on that rig for 60days and counting. But it was hard work, I was climbing no less that 1000 steps a day and I was starting to feel some muscles in my buttocks which I never knew existed. Make no mistakes; this was not a life of luxury. It was a life of hard work, heavy lifting, working ungodly hours and I barely had time to use the luxury of the internet and the cable in the room. The only thing I had time for when I wasn’t working was Eat and Sleep. Full stop

The Drill Ship

Tired and Haggard

After 10 days, I was sent back to land. I went to the office, met up with my Brazillian-Ghanaian friend (Dee) Dee lived in Nigeria for a long time and she totally understands the Nigerian way. She be my naija sister from another country. That weekend was really nice. I went to her place on Friday evening after work. We went to some Latino party (it was crap I must say) and then we went to some market called Colaba. This place is amazing for cheap ass bags (fake) bootleg DVD’s and like my friend Dee said.. “enough oyibo’s wey come discover dem souls for India” I laughed my head off. Anyways.. we bought bootleg Sex and the City (the movie) DVD only to get home and find that its some sicko horror movie that’s been burnt to the CD. Incredible India I tell you…During the day out.. my boss even called to to pack my bags for Kakinada (again) I was already calculating how I will make my way back to my apartment from Colaba when my boss called back to say that I will not be going anymore. I can tell you in those 15mins, I was already dreaming of all the Kakinada sqitoes that would have feasted on my very Janded blood.

Watch out for part two..


Raffik said...


I like the picture with the tired and haggard face . Lovely!!!
I am so jealous you have been to London while I am stuck in a indian junk jack up in offshore Iran with Timur.


Lee said...

lol.. gosh girl.. u are living the life.. despite all the challenges.. few years time, you'll look back and appreciate this experience..

Loving the whole adventure.. :)

Vardaan said...

Hey hi...I know i am writing this unsolicited comment but couldnt stop myself. Actually i juzz happened to get to your blog and i found your style of writing so catching that i went on reading all your posts starting from your arrival in India to this one. I just wanted to appreciate your writing and wanted to tell you that keep it up!! btw being from the same industry as yours, i can understand your pain in going to Kakinada ;-) Cheers and take Care.

Tolantino said...

@Raffik. I’m surprised you keep coming back to this blog. I hope you are able to understand my style of writing as it is sometimes intertwined with “Nigerian English”
I really hope that you are not trying to complain about Kish Island. I would give and arm and a half to go there. Send my love to Timur.. I really do miss him.. I still not got my BO yet.. Frustration is starting to set in..

@Lee..The challenges sometimes seem unbearable. This is why I really try to have as much fun as I possibly can before they send me off again or before I have to return to India. But God is in control my sister.. I dey persevere.. lol

@Vardaan. Please.. your comments are most welcome. Glad to hear that you were interested enough to read the blog from when I arrived in India! I sometimes do that myself as I am scared of forgetting all the experiences which I have had in that time. Seeing as you are my comrade in arms, its good to have someone who has also “been there” just like Monsieur Raffik!

raffik said...


I like your blog!
timur is very nice and gives you back a warm Hi.

you must break out soon! but keep in mind, after break out its gonna be more pain ....
Anyway, I can understand you now as I am on this indian rig.
I am starting to be sick so if you got a catastrophic quest report of a guy who jump in a persian gulf from a jack up : you know who he is.

Good luck, may the force be with you