Thursday, 1 May 2008

In The Pursuit For The Perfect Dentition

Na who get this mouth o! Make una come he-le-pu me o! Na who send me message. Where is my mouth? It surely can’t be this “iron-clad” device on my face.. the one sitting right where my “old mouth” used to be? Egbele-gbele. So I don did it right..Went to the dentist and he fixed my upper teeth with braces. I swear that my mouth is now lopsided cos I cant even chew on either side anymore. I have only been sucking on yogurt and milk shake. My flat mate who went away two days ago came back and was asking me if I’d lost weight. I cannot even dig my teeth into an apple right now which is like my favorite fruit. I have only been eating bread by just moistening it with my tongue and my tongue sef is already tired. I can’t say the letters “T” and “S” Feels like I have a lisp. Lol. This is kind of crazy you know. Friends like Hijo and Ahmed have been making fun of my new mouth. But I no send jare. I am sure I will not regret this decision. Spoke to my mom and sis about the new braces and how much it’s scratched all the insides of my lips and tongue. I only wish they were here to see it. That thought alone is already making me miss home. I have not even been back a month already. I am feeling so weird. Sitting at my desk, my face feels weird, my mouth feels weird, even this post sef seems a bit weird.

See me looking like the mother of all Efiko's with glasses and braces!

Hmm.. So I was in some serious pain the day the guy put the wires and the band in. It was like my teeth wanted to drop off my face. Thanks to the medication the doctor prescribed. I may not have been able to sleep. It didn’t feel so bad today.

I didn’t have to go to work since today is a public holiday in India (1st may) Its called Maharastra day and it’s the same thing as workers day in Nigeria. I went to see a movie today with some of my friends from work. Titled “Iron Man” and I actually liked it. The only down side was that I was not able to get my favorite caramel popcorn. Man.. this thing is for real o. I have actually put these braces in and hopefully, I will be giving blogistomy/testimony very soon regarding the power of wearing braces.


pink gloves said...

bwahahaha. *Points finger to OmoT*ROTFLMAO. Remember what i told you when i said you wouldnt be calling me after they put the wires in.
aaw poor babe, drink a lot of soup. you will lose some weight, cause not u cant eat a lot. You will be ok after the first week sha.
Oh i got double banded by the way. instead of one chain, i am on 2 chains. lol.
Welcome to the Efikos club. Me sha i am going back to wearing contacts soon. I just need to find some fabulous sunshades. Glasses and braces combined are bad for my reputation. lol.

30+ said...

She got Braces, she goootttt braces.

Kpele o, it does get better after a while

aloted said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww just reading this now..pele o, cake, yoghurt, fish, anything soft will be ur best friend for gnut, no chicken bone, no chinchin nothing like that... long is ur dentist saying u'll wear them for?

n.b- u look like ugly betty in ur pic..hehehehe..just messing about.