Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Banks Sha!


Don't those customer service people in banks just piss you off? On the real! To say it was free banking sef, I will be willing to condone them giving me attitude but ontop the one where they are charging me 20 pounds a month... I am willing to spit fire through the phone o.

I have a problem. They are not allowing me access to internet banking. I know its just me cos my colleagues have the same type of account and they can log in. I called them knowing fully well that I didn't have all the details to access the account on the phone. I ask for advice on what to do. The boy asked me to send fax msg with instruction. No problem. I request for them to call me back once they have received the fax. Na here wahala come start. What will I hear?

"I'm sorry mam' we are only inbound call center"

I know that this boy is lying. I used to work for a big bank and even me myself used to deliver that line. To make matters worse, his colleague called me three days ago on the same number I called him on asking me about my transactions and stuff. They have called me everywhere I went so this boy is trying to feed me BS. What have they been using my 20 pounds a month to do? How can a whole big bank like that not have outbound telephone line and I told him exactly that. Me I cannot shout. I repeated what I want from him and also stated explicitly on the fax message that I want them to call me back to confirm the issue has been resolved. I have sent the fax.. I am now waiting.. and boiling..

Yeye banks.. giving me attitude onto service I am paying for... I hate dealing with them! But then again.. one would always experience problems at one point or the other and have to call them.. rather unfortunate


aloted said...

e yah pele o...big companies are just a pain in the neck...cuz even if you leave them for another bank they dont care.

by the way..thanks for the loooooong comment on my blog. pls can u send me ur email addy or mail me on aloted@yahoo.com- I need to respond to your comment ;)

Cheers namesake!

pink gloves said...

change banks then if they arent catering to ur needs.