Friday, 2 May 2008

Halelujah.. Jab at last

Well its about time I started earning my pay anyway. I'm going to the field tomorrow. My manager says I may be there for no less than one month. Sweet! Manager confirmed the trip today and i just went to get essentials like new "Man" tee-shirts and extra extra baggy pants. You know those ones you buy dirt cheap and you don't really give a damn what ever happens to it. No way I will be taking my wardrobe with me to the field. Infact, I have very few things in my wardrobe here in Mumbai that are really worth much. I have them all securely locked away at my home in Lagos. Lol! My maid has a way of going crazy on washing clothes as well as mixing them together. Chei! One day my flatmate gave her a laundry bag filled with "all whites" The babe came back to find "all pinks" I was laughing my head off. I really don't want that to be me so you kind of get the gist.

Basic essentials have been packed. I'm kind of refreshing on my work material right now. Its been like 6 weeks since I came back from training so you can understand that my brain needs a little bit of a jump start. I wonder if i will have internet available. Jesus! Please let us have internet connection cos I dont know what I will do without it.

Getting back to my powerpoints..


Sisto said...

Babe, I feel happy for u o.How far with control cards. Dont worry when u go the jab,everything go replay for ur head. As for the post with codes,no worry,just send ur table and I would update it.laters

yankeenaijachick said...

U de in our prayers as you go to the field. Stay cutie.

@Tola......the story of the all pinks gave me a laugh there.


Good luck with your time in the field.

Tolantino said...

@ Sisto - Na only survey job o! things are very laid back with not much to do. Even after POOH sef.. na so so jollof. I aint complaining at all o

you make it sound like I am going for some kind of perilous sojourn. You make me almost fear for myself. As for cuteness.. there definitely aint no room for such.. I am in coveralls and all smelly.. I pray that none of my toasters ever gets to see me like this

Thank you o..