Thursday, 24 April 2008

What a week...

Its been approximately 8 days since my last post. I really meant to post an update since so many interesting things have been happening to me but I just had to catch the flu. Yeah.. only Tolantino will be susceptible to flu in a place where the temperature is about 35degC. Thank God its sha not bird flu. You know these Asian countries have orishi-rishi for hand.
So where do I start from… I decided to join the gym at the club house just opposite my apartment block. I have to shift this “Abu-Dhabi fat”. I also get a personal trainer who is Indian. I find it difficult to understand his instructions at times but so far.. so good.

Last Saturday, one of my girls found out that Wyclef Jean will be performing at the Mumbai Hard Rock CafĂ©. We got in for about 750 Indian Rupees (dirt cheap). Wyclef was totally amazing. And you wouldn’t guess what? I met the cutest Canadian guy every (wink wink) It was a truly amazing night.
Wyclef Performing "Sweetest Girl- Dollar Bill"
The following day, Pearl invited me to meet her guy friends in Bandra. Now, Bandra is like at the other end of town. We could either get a taxi (300 rupees each) or get the first class train tickets for 100 rupees each. Since we were feeling rather adventurous, we decided to get the train. This was like one of the most harrowing experiences of my life. Can anyone picture a crowded Mumbai train? May the lawd have mercy! Even the first class compartments could have been 10th class for all I cared. It was packed full with human beings and we had to change at some station before we got to our station stop (Andheri) By then, all my makeup had melted into brown sweat trickling down my neck. I don’t think I will be going near any more trains in India especially in Mumbai. Paying 300 rupees for taxi will definitely not kill me at this stage in my life.

Crowded Mumbai Platforms( I kid you not)

So we finally got to Bandra and met the guys. They were all so nice. It was like a ready-made group of friends with whom I already had a slot. They were all so nice and friendly. They all work for the same company but in different segments. Me thinks I will be going back to their place this coming weekend. There is just too much fun to be had and rumor has it that there is gonna be a party up there. Bring it on dude!

Monday, I went to see the dentist. The dentist found a cavity. I wasn’t really surprised since it’s the same tooth I used for opening all those numerous coca-cola bottles when I was a kid. If only I’d listened to my momsie when she tried to tell me off. Dentist also suggested braces. A whole fine girl like me rocking braces? I’m still thinking about it. I hope this does not reduce my market value o otherwise…! By Tuesday, I was already feeling feverish and everything went to pots from there. I went to see a doctor who pumped me full of so many pills. I’ve basically been on a high for the past two days. I could barely spell my name and I’ve just been slipping in and out of my drug induced haze. Lol. I’m much better now.. but I have definitely had better days.

Nothing Else Significant to Report (courtesy of Pink Gloves)


Pink-satin said... too o dentist recommended braces!!!at my old age!!still thinking about it sa

30+ said...

Join the club of braces wearer jo, it is the new IT accessory now - lol. I recently got mine and have been carrying with grace.

Pink S, which old age are you talking about...abeg.

Tolantino said...

Wow.. looks like braces are even more popular in adults than I originally thought. Looks like I'm gonna be jumping on the band wagon after all. I will post pictures of my new "Bling" accessory as soon as I get it done. I can't wait.

aloted said...

braces aint bad at them at age 24 (story is somewhere on my blog), used them for like 18 months and now i have got the perfect set of teeth ever! You shld see my before and after

i think they are totally worth it, (though pain go dey o)

Consider using them, seriously.

Sisto said...

Omo-T, I dont get it.Pls what exactly did the doc say is wrong with ur teeth. I know that set of urs and I didnt see nuffin wrong eh.On a lighter note,u're rockin too much o.U were high the night i called ba??

kuesooM said...

U did what......rode the train. I'd wanted to, but even tho I like adventure, that just was another level!

Can you get invisilign..

Uzo said...

Pray tell me where your apartment is...I swear i really want to live in Mumbai for like 6 months...Bandra is really great too...You are really living the life i want to live....Rock on girllll

pink gloves said...

Tola T- the braces is a good move. Metal as in silver is the best. I got mine at 25, and my teeth have never looked better even though it has only been 4 months. It is painful, but worth it.

Naapali said...

Tolantino! You are enjoying too much but like the agbero said to the driver "go on saun!"

Tolantino said...

@ Aloted
Thanks for your contribution. I found the piece about your braces on your blog and its totally an inspiration.

@ Sisto
I guess I never got around to showing you my freaky jaws. Lol. There is nothing actually wrong with the teeth itself.. its more to do with my jaw. I cant chew with the right side of my mouth due to some gross miss alignment which is also know as a scissors bite. I am praying that the braces can fix the problem otherwise; I am gonna be effed up if something happens to the only side I chew with.

I guess I must have been possessed by some kind spirit that day cos I swear getting on the train was just too mad an idea. But seriously, I will not be forgetting that experience… ever. And as for the invisilign thing for the braces, the orthodontist quoted three times the price of the standard metal ones. Even if money dey my hand like that, I will be crazy to give it up for such a price.

I currently live in a place called Thane. This is like the farthest place from the centre of things in Mumbai. Company put us here cos its cheaper and closer to our office. You have probably heard that flats are mad expensive in Mumbai. If you want to really live in the centre of things.. definitely go for Bandra or Juhu. Loads of expatriates and enough things to keep you busy there but this will be like one of the most expensive places to get a flat. Another place is Powai. Its about 30 – 50 mins from Bandra with just a little bit of traffic, reasonable number of expatriates and nice amenities. But still, its starting to get costly to live there and if you want to enjoy your night life, you will have to go Bandra/Juhu/Colabar. Mumbai traffice is foreverly present as there are too many people and too many cars as well. I really don’t know much about getting a place as mine was all sorted out on my behalf (thank God). Arranging for an apartment can sometimes be complicated but I’m sure I can hook you up with a friend who knows the ropes.

@Pink Gloves
You also are an inspiration. Thanks for the advise and what not on braces and benefits. I am looking forward to the pain and of course the joy of having perfect dentition at the end of the day!

@ Naapali
Thanks for the note of encouragement. I have not intention of slacking behind.. AT ALL.. lol

I am visiting the dentist today and will get the upper braces completed! So excited and yet cringing at the thought of the pain. Wish me luck! And little pain of course