Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Mumbai Blues

So your babe is now back to her host local government area a.k.a Mumbai. I left Lagos last Saturday and I was here by early Sunday morning. I’d already lost five and a half hours of the day so I was and still am really jet lagged. I got to the apartment to meet my two flat mates (Kuti and Angel). More gist about kuti later. These babes did not gree me rest while I was away. They were just sending me offline messages “Tolantino..when are you coming back?”, “Tolantino…how many weeks do you have left?” ,”Tolantino.. we miss you so much” Shuwo! Make una free me o! What do you want me to come back for? Lol.. but anyhow…. It’s actually good to be back. I miss my maid pampering me and keeping the apartment spik and span. That woman knows how to do her job abeg. As I did not get any sleep on the plane, I quickly took a quick nap. I hadn’t been sleeping for two hours when Hijo called me

Hijo: Tolantino..where are you?

Me: Huh? What do you mean.. am in Mumbai

Hijo: Yes I know you are in Mumbai but are you in the apartment

Me: Yeah.. but I just woke up

Hijo: You need to come to the club house.. Angel just got a call from Indonesia..her mother is dead

Me: Huh? Which angel? My flatmate Angel? No way.. are you kidding me

Hijo: Tolantino….you gotta come now

Man.. I was absolutely floored. Angel is my Indonesian flat mate. I call her angle because
She is so sweet, easy to get along with and I just don’t even have a single bad word to say about this girl. She only just came back from vacation to loose her mom barely a week after. We managed to arrange for her to go back home that same night and this meant another trip to the airport and back. She was really broken and this made me really sad. I just wish there was something I could do to help with the pain she must be feeling.

So.. this is it for now.. Picture my situation.. A lot of my friends have been transferred to other locations.. my manager confirmed that he does not have any transfer plans for me. This means I could be here for much longer than I had anticipated.Ohh… and the only Naija friend I have made out of my work circle is also being transferred to Nigeria. See as these people are leaving me on my own. Here are some of my pictures from the Ghana trip. I hope you guys enjoy.


Akwaaba... very similar to ekaabo in yoruba.. both mean the same..(welcome)

The Hotel was fantastic. I am already looking forward to my next visit

At the Makola Market. Woodin and Ankara material at prices much cheaper than lagos

At kwame nkrumah mausoleumTolu and I. We had such a ball..


Lee said...

Gurl.. u are having fun oh.. so ure back to India now.. Pele.. hopefully when next yu come to Dubai.. we'll meet.. Take care ma


So sorry to hear about your roomie's mom. How is she doing?

pink gloves said...

Sorry to hear about angels mum.
U had fun in Ghana oh. nice. see enjoyment. lol.