Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Naija Latest Music and some pictures

Nigerian musicians are really trying o. Forget Jay-z, Nas and all those other foreign musicians. I never understand or relate with what they sing about anyways. Our musicians make music that makes you happy (as long as you understand their language of course) Two songs driving people crazy right now are gongo so by 9ice and Lori le by x project. Not just these two but a host of others which have their own dance steps as well. I am so in love with the music scene right now. I have also included their links for your listening and viewing pleasure
I promised to post some pictures. I am already packing about 1GB of pictures already from this trip. I just had to put some of my most memorable ones.
My sister's very cute
My sis and her baby

I sighted these ripe pawpaws in our back garden

I could not resist the temptation to pluck it

Twin and I

At the very impressive shoprite in VI

At the Olabisi Onanbanjoy University Teaching Hospital, Sagamu. Ogun State.

Twin and I on campus grounds

After my "Sagamu Makeover" I love it

Come and eat asaro aka yam porridge

Am starting to feel bored again. What can I do? I'm cooking something in this brain of mine. I will let you guys know in due time


Simi Speaks said...

lovely pics!! am so envious right now! lol.. i miss my lagos o!!

yankeenaijachick said...

U make us jealous oooooo..........miss home like mad. My skool de stressful. I can't wait to graduate o jare. yam hungry o. Ur hair is sexy by the way. Miss u,

yankeenaijachick said...

u and pawpaw........that was funny. The baby is so cutie. Awww cutie baby.

Simi Speaks said...

yes dear. yes! that's my lil missy!! i know, i know she's cute aint she..

girl u get me started on bragging about her.. new mom thing i guess. thx!!

OluwaDee said...

Nice pics, n d paw-paw thingiee is jst 4nee.

pink gloves said...

shey that ur hairstyle na weave? i miss u oh. Dubai is lonely a bit. U looke nice. that bob lookign hairstyle fits u. Ur sister and u are alike facially oh.

jumsky said...

where u dey?
called a few times but u dint pick.
i'll buzz again tmrw

Tolantino said...

PG, Yess o. The hairdo is a weave. I miss Dubai too o and all the nice nice things that makes me want to spend spend spend. Not to worry.Let me earn a couple more salaries and I will buy a ticket to come visit!