Saturday, 5 April 2008

Accra, Ghana

So i finally got to scratch my Ghana itch. Been here two days and I can now officially boast of visiting another African nation. I badly needed this for my rep. I was starting to get embarrassed when people asked me of how many countries I've been and I can't even mention an african country other than Nigeria which does not really count anyways.
One word for Ghana..Unbelieveable.The flight was less than 45 mins from Lagos and the next thing I know, I am in a nation that could as well have been an illusion. Accra is everything that Nigeria could have been and more.I was well impressed from the airport. Nothing like area boys or rif-rafs hanging around the place. Even the officials were very professional. No ugly looking, power freaks at the immigration desk like Lagos. They actually welcomed us into the country. Na wah o.
The roads are immaculately clean with no pot holes. The planning is just awesome. I have seen
hawkers on the streets like Lagos but its still nothing like the way you see people trawling traffic
on the streets of Lagos. I of course still have more gists and pictures but Internet access is rather limited here and I will post once I return to Lagos along with pictures of course.

Please forgive my grammatical blunders. I did not have time to spell check.

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Simi Speaks said...

heard it's beautiful out there. have a friend who moved there from the States.

take pics!