Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Happy Days..

Am so happy..hooray!

You are wondering why I am happy right. Well, I just completed my OIL CD text book as well as all the required tests that came along with it. What is OIL CD? Basically, it’s a computer based learning CD which I have been studying for the past Month. It’s like the equivalent of reading Ababio’s chemistry book as well as writing tests along the way. Before you start hissing and slating me, I have to tell you it’s not easy. Mathematical calculations and many more brain draining stuff are involved. There is still much work to be done but that’s okay, I feel like I can almost handle anything right now.

Next gist is that I hear I may be going to China in the next week or so. A place called Tang Gu which is about 2hrs drive from Beijing. I have to go and get my Rig Exposure done outside India since my offshore pass is still being held up here. Am I excited? I kind of going to China but the only damper is that I hear the temperature is about -16 degrees Celsius at this time of the year. I left all my winter stuff in Manchester and I don’t even know where to start looking for winter stuff in India. Also, the lowest temperatures I’ve ever experienced are around -2deg Celsius so you can understand why am having mixed feelings about going out there. But hey, its me.. I think I can almost survive anything.. Just about.

A couple of days ago, my friends and I went to the Grand Hyatt hotel in Bandra. This was the hotel 50cents stayed in when he visited Bombay a couple of weeks back. We went to some club there called China House. This place was so expensive. I mean.. 20 USD for a glass of cocktail. I took one glass and mellowed all night. It would have been very easy to blow 100 USD or more on drinks but it was a really good night. We had loads of fun, nice music and we even ventured to dance on the floor. Those few hours felt like we was outside of India.

The Group..

This was where my horror story then started… right there on the dance floor (It seems like I have to disgrace myself in nice places) As I was dancing, my cheap ass shoe which I bought for a token in Malaysia snapped on me.. Imagine.. Grand Hyatt Hotel, all dressed up, shoe snaps.. I wanted to enter the ground. After consulting my friends, we concluded that I would have to make it home bare feet (no one was willing to carry The worst thing than having your shoe snap on you in a prestigious hotel is to walk bare feet on the streets of Bombay. The streets are so dirty, dog shit, human shit, spit, wee.. you name it.. I immediately started to fear for my feet. I didn’t want to acquire any leg/feet infection. Anyhow, I made it home okay (and bare feet) and my feet is still okay.. for now

Here are some of the pictures from our night out. The group included: Eyad, Ali, Rui, William, Candecee and Me!

As if the above two pictures were not bad enough... I keep smiling for the camera..


sandy said...

i dont know what to write,either am sorry or to lol.u are lucky the ground wasnt cold like in the winter cos then u will have had real sounded like you had a nice time,at the hotel.i guess next time take a spare shoe with care

kuesooM said...

Just read your post, and I must say I am BORING! I have been staying in the Grand Hyatt for almost 3 weeks total (Dec trip + this trip) and never realized that China House was a club....gosh darn it....alright well, tonight going to figure something to do......