Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Horn Ok Please

I have been out of action for the last 10 days. With no desire whatsoever to type a single word. I have been sleeping so much, life has been terribly boring. I definitely put this down to the fact that there is nobody to hang out with outside of work. The past week, I’ve been going to bed at 8.00pm. The last time I slept at 8.00pm before India was probably when I was in primary school and my mommy forced me to sleep.

On the brighter side, money penny is returning from Malaysia tonight! Nice one! I hear that Chico is not coming back (he apparently quit the job as he couldn’t cope with India) plus I been hearing gist about him becoming and unplanned daddy! Good on him.

This morning, I met the latest addition to the team, an Omani guy fresh out of Abu Dhabi! (Welcome to hell!) I tried to help the guy out a bit by telling him whom to go to and where. I remember my first day here at the office… there was no one to help me! Infact, it was almost as if I wasn’t being expected. To make matters worse, the guys sitting around me were just looking at me.. they obviously knew I was new.. but they just preferred to glance at me every now and again and not talk to me. So, I made a solemn vow, to always talk to any new face I see.. to at least try to make them feel comfortable and not as lost as I felt during my first day here.

So for this post’s gist. I have noticed since I arrived in India that most trucks, busses or similar vehicles normally have this baffling logo written behind them “Horn Ok Please”

What the hell does it mean? I do not know. It does not make sense to me or any other expat I have spoken to. “Horn Please” is rather logical, but “Horn OK Please?” I dunno! Like so many other things in India, I have learnt to just accept it and not question it since it seems as if this is the way its been done since “longtime back”

I somehow feel very happy today, maybe I will go to a nice restaurant this evening for a very nice meal with or without company!

Until the next post.

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BeautyinBaltimore said...

Being the new person in the office can be very unnerving.