Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sights and sound of Mumbai, India

The last time I updated my blog, I was staying at some hotel in Mumbai. After 7 days of isolation, I was to be moved to an apartment in the Thane suburbs of Mumbai. The trip itself was about 1.5 hrs and I had my eyes wide open all the way. Taking pictures and comparing what I was seeing to Lagos. For you lagosians out there, you may be quite disappointed to know that Lagos and Mumbai have a lot in common. But I have to honestly say (like I said earlier in my previous post) that Mumbai aint got nothing on lagos!

Starting with the auto rickshaws (don’t know if I got the spelling right). They are everywhere. The roads, the roads… you just have to be on it to understand what I mean. Its like all the drivers in Mumbai have a silent agreement not to run into each other just at the very last minute.

Here are some pictures which took along the way. Note that there are loads of high rise building

in Mumbai.

The apartment block itself is very nice (compared to the rest of what I’ve seen in the city) I will have to purchase a really good camera so that I can take better pictures

Here are some of the pictures

First Pic on left shows the lounge area

A view from the balcony

Now that I have a roof over my head. My next mission was to buy some food. Went to the supermarket just downstairs. There had loads of basmati rice but no american long grain. My intention was to cook some jollof rice. Infact, they didnt even have salt. I ordered some pizza instead. Now I am getting that sleepy feeling you get when your stomach is full of food.

I need to pass out!

Hoping to post more fun stuff in the near future



kemi said...

this ur apertment looks very tidy...beautiful...make sure u keep it that way darling!!!!!!!!

Tolantino said...

Lol.. The apartment will remain that way as I actually spend very little time in it. Plus that added bonus of having a maid who comes in daily to do the cleaning.. wink wink