Friday, 12 October 2007

7 days in Malaysia

So the story begins

Day1 – 2
KLIA itself (the airport) can only be seen to be believed. It’s so beautiful! The structure itself is magnificent. The drive to Kuala Lumpur city as I choose to call it took about an hour so I don’t know if its technically correct to say that the airport is in Kuala Lumpur.

On getting to the hotel, I had a much needed rest before setting out to survey my new home for the next week. As I hadn’t yet met anyone from the training course, I took a walk, to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) which is located in the Petronas Twin towers. The Petronas twin towers are synonymous to Kuala Lumpur as the world trade centre was to NY city. It is a must see. Things are relatively cheap in KL with a going rate of approxy 6 Malaysian Ringitt to the pound. I got some nice tops of great quality comparable to NEXT of the UK. They cost a fraction of what I would have paid in the UK.

Day 2 -7
I met the rest of the group. The people were great as I mentioned earlier and we sort of started to bond from there. I kind of hung out with the Middle Easterner and Egyptians. They were all so cool. We all waited until about 5pm when the classes were over and we then went out to explore KL. There was a particular club in KL where we kind of got a very good welcome. The DJ was always hailing us. We even went to the biggest indoor theme park in Malaysia called Cosmos. That was another great experience. On our last night together, we all kind of decided to hang out at the pool area. Luckly, not only did I bring along a bikini.. I was able to SWIM in IT. Those swimming classes I took last year was finally starting to pay off. The last night was quite emotional as two of the group were leaving for their respective locations. Some tears were even shed (not by me) but I must admit that it was kind of sad watcing these great people leave. I wonder if I would ever see them again.

First pic left( Tola at some really nice club)
Second Pic ( petronas towers at night)
Below(group pic)

Final Day
My final day in KL went too fast. I had to get enough sleep as I’d been sleep deprived since I practically arrived in KL. The group was at the front of the hotel to see me off to the taxi. I sure hope that we can all meet again sometime soon. I dedicate this post to all my new friends whom I met during my 7 days in KL.


yankeenaijachick said...

looks like you had fun in Malaysia. I love their food. travelling is one of the best things a person can ever do. Am happy for ya.

Tolantino said...

I did have loads of fun there in Malaysia. So many pics that I cant even start to post em here. But one thing about there is that the food was really sweet! My Gosh.. but there was variety and I didnt want to starve so I just ate!