Monday, 15 October 2007

Egbon Mi Atata ( My Dearly Beloved Sister)

I have a Sister!!

This for me is a very important post. I am dedicating this post to my older sister whom I have always managed to exclude from all of my previous posts ( I plead for forgiveness). For all you out there in the blogging world, I HAVE a very adorable older sister. She is married with kids and one thing I always remember from a very young age was trying to convince myself that I am much more prettier than she is. (I still try.. but who am I kidding?)

Sis and "Motty" in both pictures.. Isn't Motty Cute? I personally think she got the cutiness from me!
I also have a little niece who has the same nickname as me (Motty). I have always been referred to as Motty but when Motunrayo was born, everyone started calling her “Motty” I remember being a bit jealous, staging what could be comparable to a one-man protest and thinking.. “You don’t really expect me to relinquish my nickname do you?” So we came to a silent compromise.. I am “Motty Snr.” Or “Big Motty” and she is “Motty” ( I guess I had to kind of relinquish the name) But “c’est la vie” I guess. My sis is happily married and I miss her dearly. Egbon Mi Atata (My dearly beloved sister). Enough Love.. now and always. And to “Motty” … I miss my name!!!

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