Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Hinaranandani Club House

So I and Penny decided to explore what we had around our apartment block in Thane. We found out we have a club house right in front of our apartment block (btw, I live in a place called Hinarandani Meadows) which is equipped with a swimming pool, gym, badminton and squash courts. Luckily for me, I DID learn how to swim in Manchester two years ago and I also learnt to play badminton while working for Cummins Engines in Darlington. After showing a company letter along with 275 rupees, we were bona fide members of the club house! We will now have to pay 2 rupees per swimming session. Just to give you an idea.... 2 rupees = 1/40 GBP ie 0.025GBP Nice one! since I used to pay 2.85GBP per session at the Manchester Aquatics centre!!

The swimming pool is absolutely exquisite in my own opinion. I even took some pictures!


Left: The swimming pool with my apartment block in the background
Right: Me, feeling all summery

And the bad quality of the second picture reminds me that I NEED to find a good quality camera!! My old brick of a mobile phone just isn’t up to the job

Penning out.. with love


Ozymandias said...

hey..nice blog..enjoying India I hope..grab some Dosa while there..cheers !!

yankeenaijachick said...

U really need a much better camera. The club house sounds like fun to me especially the picture with the swimming pool. Am scared of swimming. The first time l tried it got me almost drowning. lol later .

Tolantino said...

The club house is absolutely fantastic. I went swimming yesterday and it was not very crowded as I hear that most Indians do not generally swim and there are very few expatriates in the buildings (except for me and my crew)


Do not despair. I was like you initially until I took matters into my own hands and decided to learn how to swim the proper way.. With a qualified instructor. I am still not your "Ian Thorpe" yet but I am slowly getting there.

Lotta Lurve

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Dessa said...

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