Sunday, 11 November 2007

Ups and Downs

Hello everyone. I seem to always apologize with every new post so I wont do so on this occasion. I have been avoiding posting stuff on my blog partly because I don’t want to post things about how almost difficult it is to live in India (when you are denied certain things which could go a long way in making your life easier).

The novelty of arriving in India has almost worn off. Now I just want to survive this place. I was told that a Nigerian girl was posted here a month before I arrived and she quit just after 8 days here. I so don’t want that to be me.

The past couple of days/weeks have been a bit hard. Hijo returned from China three days ago only to leave for abu dhabi yesterday. He’s going to be away for 2.5 months! God help us in Thane now that he’s gone. We also made a new Angolan friend (whom I will refer to as Luca) about two days ago and Luca accompanied us on one of our frequent trips to Powai (myself, Hijo, Luca and Penny). We sure had loads of fun. By the time we returned to Thane, we were absolutely fagged out! Having made a new friend in Luca, I was hoping that time here now wouldn’t be so bad without Hijo. But as fate would have it, Luca flew out to Aberdeen the very next morning after Powai and he doesn’t even know when he will be returning. Penny is going to Malaysia for a week in 2 days. This leaves only me in Thane and I am fast learning that this job will give me great friends and they could all disappear within the blink of an eye. This absolutely sucks

On the brighter side, I have decided to start “babeing-up” I am prepared to give up my social life but I will vehemenently hold on to my babe hood as this is the only thing I feel I could at least control while living here. So, to up things a little bit, I decided to go to a spa really close to my apartment. I got a full facial which includes chest (yeah.. the whole chest) and back massage. I also experienced my first threading of the eyebrows. It felt really weird. My therapist has advised that I need to come for self maintenance and follow-up every 15 days.. as far as I am concerned, she probably wants to milk me dry as often as possible. I felt absolutely good afterwards.

Oh.. and I bought a new webcam recently.. Here are two of the testing testing pictures I took.



yankeenaijachick said...

Tola awwww..........l know that feeling. U strong girl , hope u know that. People come and go for a reason. Don't give in too much to the friendship, focus on ur goal and u sure would acheive. So in India, how u going to get ur hair done? Do they have indian salons that wash hair and set hair?

Tolantino said...


I will be dedicating a whole post to answer you question. I have been getting a lot of people asking me this question.



babeandahalf said...

Hey Babes,

Wow! Life can't be that easy over there. Pele. I am almost lonely for you, but I guess these are just settling down issues. With time, things will straighten out.

P.S. Full chest massage??!!!

BeautyinBaltimore said...

I remember now, it was Yakeennaija chick's blog that I found you.

Jennifer said...

Hey girl,
I know how you feel. I live by myself in BA and all my friends will be leaving soon so it gets lonely at times. Keep your head up everything will be alright. Sending warm wishes.

Jen :0)