Friday, 26 October 2007

My Brethren,

I have to ask for forgiveness as I have not posted anything on my blog for ages. You guys will have to remember that I have just moved to a new place and I am just settling in into my routine. Having said this, I am sure that I have been forgiven.

Enough said.

Now I have the pleasurable task of bringing you up to speed on all I have been doing in the past two weeks. After I arrived in India, I had to spend the first week doing some survival training at what is supposed to be the best centre of its kind in India. I do not doubt that the training institute may be the best in the country, but unfortunately for me, I did not feel this way as the instructors made a habit of saying one sentence in English and then the next 3 sentences in Hindi. This is something I have been strongly advised to get used to. And since I do not speak Hindi, it was very boring for me.

Fast forward one week. 7 days after arriving in India, I had to go to the foreigners’ registration office (FRRO) to register my presence in the country. This turned out to be an extremely long thing. I went with Rui, a Venezuelan guy and we had to sit there for like 4 hrs waiting to be called. Some company contact eventually came to rescue us. I don’t know if there was any quid pro quo involved. That office is one experience I don’t want to be repeating anytime soon.

While at the FRRO, I met another Nigerian girl! People, you don’t understand how happy I was. She’s Yoruba just like me and she been working in India for over 8 months! Sweet! I will be going out with her tomorrow and she has promised to show me places here. Really excited, I am.

I have not just been playing around. Here you can see me in different modes, working very hard. (except for the last one i guess)

So far, I have experienced an Indian festival called Dandiya Ras, and last night was a night out at the Hard Rock Café in Wholi, Mumbai. We had loads of fun, loads of food and I was in my true elements! I went through 5 cosmopolitan cocktails! I was well woozy. I will be posting pictures shortly.

So, today is a Saturday and am at the office updating my blog and basically waiting for the day to be over. Tick tock tick tock…

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