Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Pictures – DIU - Rig

So I finally managed to find a cyber cafe at the hotel where I am staying now (Rhadika Beach Hotel) Its not a bad place actually. Rumour has it that I will be back the rig for tomorrow. I have booked a taxi to take me around Diu for the day. Its the least i can do now that the skies have decided to stop weeping. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Diu Airpot et Helibase

Still looking fresh from my very recent vacation, wait till you see what the rig does to you
The beach right in front of the airport. The sand is rather unusua in the sense that it's rather rocky
My new friends from the beach. They wanted to know where I "come" from and what i was doing in Diu.
The Beautiful "Hotel Kohinoor"
Kohinoor is the name of what was once the world's biggest diamond. It was unearthed here in India in the state of Andrah Pradesh. The British "took" this diamond and it later became part of the crown jewels

Still Looking and feeling fresh at work

And then the skies opened

So it rained.. and raied.. and rained.. you can barely see the sea in the backgroud..

Out cold in the rain and soiled with mud


30+ said...

Oluwa o! So when it's raining you guys keep working?! *eyes popping*

Tolantino said...

Rain, Scorching Sun, Snow, whatever.. Offshore rig operation is 24hrs-7days a week. Every single minute must be accounted for (due to the fact that most oil companies are paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars a day just for renting the rig and this is even without the money they pay out to service companies) The only thing that can stop operations is a highly rated storm or hurricane. In that case, they would evacuate the rig. Anything short of this is beans..

pink gloves said...

enjoyment oh enjoyment. Tolantino I am jealous.

Naapali said...

Good for you sister. Did you always see yourself doing this or how did your path lead to your life now?