Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Finally got my quirks together

Yess o! Tolantino is BACK! I came off the rig about a week ago. I have spent the last seven days enjoying the feel of my apartment, kitchen, my bed and appreciating not being on the rig. Lol! It feels really good to be back. The human mind is truly awesome. It has the ability of overcoming experiences and shoving it to a compartment of the brain where everything that happened has a magical way of being insignificant. You quickly start to look forward to your next experience and the vicious cycle just continues. Lol.. To God be the glory my people

While I was in my self-induced blog-exile, I was multiple tagged. So I guess I have to confess. The only thing is that this blog is not anonymous so I will not be sharing any nasty dirry secrets.. My momma and poppa might just be reading.

1.) Whenever I snore while sleeping, I usually hear the sound (in my sleep) and hence quickly re-adjust my sleeping position. Even I don’t know how I do it. I know I’m supposed to be sleeping but these ears of mine seem to have a life of their own. I am a very light sleeper which takes me to my second quirk:

2.) I sleep with a frown on my face and I wake up with a frown. Lol! This is not a very pretty sight. Due to the fact that I am always semi conscious when I sleep, I tend to be irritated by any little sound I hear. E.g my flatmate’s mobile phone ringing in her room, the neighbor’s door bell amongst a host of other things. I know these things will disturb me when I set my head on my pillow so I am already pissed by the time I go off to sleep. When my sleep is eventually disturbed, I wake up with an even bigger frown. I should seriously invest in some heavy duty ear plugs..

3.) I have a massive scar on my right leg from my thigh to the lower leg. Wait till you hear how I got the scar… the five claws of a wild monkey! (I am not lying) I was attacked at the age of 3 in my own father’s house in Lagos by a wild monkey. The monkey blessed me with this scar I proudly wear. I hardly even notice its there anymore.

4.) I keep my hair afro natural because I strongly and firmly believe that if the good lord has blessed the other races with nice silky hair and they are able to wear their God given natural hair, then the black man should also be able to do the same without the need to suffer under the intense pain of soda filled chemicals which are used to burn our scalps and destroy the composition of our hair. Right from childhood, we are made to feel as though our hair is “Bad” and the long straight silky hair is “good”. I choose to blame the media and all these other hair companies. The other races have millions of products to keep their hair nice, shiny and straight. Why don’t these same companies come up with ideas on how to keep the afro hair ‘gorgeous, shiny and kinky”. Phew! I really do feel strongly about this but at the end of the day.. to each his own

5.) I am assuming everyone here knows how to eat tangerines… except me. I chew on them, suck out the juice but then cannot swallow the insides.. I just cant bring myself to do it! Eww..

6.) I am currently crushing on what could possible be the nicest mannered male on the surface of this earth. He is the perfect gentleman and oh…. Wait for the best part.. “I don’t think he has a clue!” (sniff sniff)I don’t know if this is a quirk but heck.. I couldn’t come up with something better.

So there you have it..I have given you your quirks so make una agree me rest.

I feel like jumping on a plane to go shopping in the UK. Its summer! UK is the home of the most fashionable clothing items in the universe and I need to go find out what the latest trends are for the 08’ summer. But I’m of course not going to jump on a plane. Instead, I will sit in Mumbai, be a good girl and keep dreaming of all the shopping that I could have done.

Signing out,



30+ said...

How you dey? So how do you manage your fro?

Bringing up the food thing, well I just try to drink lots of water or excuse myself to spit it out. Also you soon get to know that you bring up some food than the others so you always prepare to find place to eject or you avoid it especially if you will not find place to spit it out.

Tried taking peppermint for a while to aid the digestion, think it helped a lil bit.

pink gloves said...

LOL @ the fro. Omo i cant wear natural hair. My body stings with irritation when i try to comb my hair. more power to u sha.

Lol @ going to the UK to shop. U can come to Dubaaaaaaaaaay. Same set of store jare. U know it. Lol @ snoring and hearing urself snore. lol.

Sisto said...

I will not stop calling you a rabbit.

Dont worry,on ur next trip back home,I'll personally retouch ur hair for u.

And then to the crush???who be the guy o???

U should eny me,I shopped plenty in uk,dont worry eh! fine thing no dey finish.

Tolantino said...

@ PG
The UK is where my heart is jare. Unlike Dubai, the people actually go out there in their funky clothes. Dubai is a little bit phony for me jare. Plus I miss my people. They are starting to wonder if I'm still alive.

Lol @ Sisto wanting to retouch my fro for me. I will be sure to stay away from PH where you cannot get hold of my mane. You crack me up you know. Massive lol @ fine thing no dey finish. And yea.. i envy you.. but not for much longer.. he he he.. am already looking at plane tickets o!

yankeenaijachick said...

@Tola o. ..you know you one funny chick. Just take heart, how long do you have to stay in mumbai? Are you ever going to relocate? That place is so far away from home. Keep strong and do your best. It is well.

Tolantino said...

@ sisto..
As for the crush.. make una sitback, relax, cross-lege and enjoy the show cos I aint telling.. not just yet.Ne way.. its not anyone you know sha.

My girl, your babe sign contract for a considerable amount of time. Lol @ you asking if i'm EVER gonna relocate. Abeg o! My papa no get plot of land for India o!. I will definitely relocate. In fact, people are getting transfered a lot these days.. i dunno when my number will come up. But when it does.. una be rest assured that I will be making formal blogger announcement.

aloted said...

ah! am with u on your number 5 quirk...

so how do u manage with natural hair...if i had read this when we met i woulda asked u...lol

Tolantino said...

@ Aloted
My natchy hair is quite soft and its not very problematic and also, I was one of those girls in boarding school who would plait people's hair all weekend. These two things have worked really well for me. I do my braids myself here in india. It is very time consuming and not my most ideal situation but as you know, desperate situations do call for desperate measures!

Tolantino said...

@Pink Gloves
I cant believe I actually made it to the UK like joke like joke. Trust yours truly, I found the Great British babes rocking the latest fashion and in as much as i was tempted to buy, i wonder where the heck am going to be wearing all these skimpy dresses in my wardrobe to in India!