Thursday, 22 May 2008

People of Blogsville, I wanna say thank you all for the time you have taken to stop by, read my rants and even post msgs asking after my well being. May the good lord remember you as well.. he he he.. Me thinks I’m starting to get all spiritual..

The past twenty one days have been really tiring. I have pushed myself; bones in my body have hurt. Even on the days when I don’t do any physical labor, merely waking up and donning coveralls and safety boots for 12 straight hours, 7 days a week is enough to make my body weary. My daily routine is pretty much military-style.

4.45am – Rise and Shine

5.30am – Ready for pick up

7.00am – arrive @ rigsite

7.00pm - depart rigsite

9.00pm – Arrive @ hotel

10.00pm – Bed time

The cycle is 7 days a week.. I have had about two days break so far and instead of resting, your waka-dugbe friend has legged the whole city. Sightseeing, shopping and just doing about everything else but resting. Definitely no time for blogsville. I have fully immersed myself into this routine and it probably won’t make a difference to me if they keep me here for another 20 days.

As per work colleagues, dat one na anoda tory all to geda. I have fought mental, physical and psychological battles during my time but nothing in my past ever prepared me for the working bias/prejudice I have so far encountered in India. Thank God for boarding school days where you fiercely defend yourself and your own, I for don quit tail tail.. I am not going to be intimidated, segregated or even antagonized by anyone without a fight. I will kick, scratch and bite all the way.. lol.. I have become harsh o.. this is what this place has done to me. Everyone wanna boss you around. Even trainees wanna boss trainees around. The one that really gets to me is when your colleague wants to take credit for your work in broad daylight. Its like everything here is one big competition and Mr A wanna be better than Mr B. This is some tiring exercise of which I do not have a care to participate. I no owe anybody rent and no be dem dey pay my salary sef! Anyways, you all be rest assured that yours truly will foreverly hold her own without a doubt.

So this brings me back to my toilet palaver on the rig. For the first seven days, I totally held it until I got back to the hotel. It was particularly hard during the journey back when the car goes over bumps and comes back down with a thud. Lol.. God is wonderful.. No accidental encounter.

Week two arrived and another portable toilet arrived on the rig. This one has a lock and key from the outside which was given to only “special” people on the rig. My crew has one and all the other small small oga’s on the rig too have their own. The usage is strictly limited to Key holders only. Hallelujah for God’s mercies in my life. This was how the Lord sent me an angel in the form of a portable rigsite toilet. Who says the Lord does not answer prayers?

The job is nearing an end. I should be going back to Mumbai in no less than two days but of course I said the same about 10 days ago and this was when all our troubles with operations really started.10 days later and I am still on site. Abeg make una pray for me. I need to get out of coveralls. I will first remove this rasta hairdo, book a full day at the spa, pedicure, manicure and facial. Then I will go to my dentist and have my braces adjusted. Happy days are almost here again!

End Note: That which does not kill me, will only make me stronger.. Please believe


pink gloves said...

good seeing u finally remembered blogger. I need to talk to you self about getting that Yahoo talk thing. My phone bill is getting outta control. lol.
Dont worry, all these things in life are temporary, shey u know. soon u will look back and smile. Real soon.

Sisto said...

nothing can come close to killing u,least of all this job.nahhhhhh. for ur info,u have been tagged by moi. u know i cannot shout sha