Monday, 11 February 2008

Fog Over Me

I’ve had a very peaceful weekend. Was supposed to go to the Emirates mall in Dubai and then the Global village but I somehow managed to oversleep and missed the bus. So I decided to go to the Abu Dhabi Mall instead. I sorted out an appointment with the optician and then went to see the movie “P.S. I Love you” at the Cinema (on my own !) but this was a very impressive movie. I recommend that you go and see it. I also went for a walk along the Cornish ( abeg don’t ask me what the Cornish is.. some body of water like that sha) So this was how I did my weekend o.. Little bit of this and that adding up to nothing really. Added one of my random pics during my walk

So for the Koko of this post, I will give you a bit of a background (FEST!) I attend a learning centre in Al Shamka 5 days a week on a 8-5pm basis. Company has organized a luxurious bus to ferry us from the accommodation to the location and the journey is about an hour long(Picture Ekene Dili Chukwu even tho I heard that those naija guys have stepped up a bit). During the morning trip yesterday, I noticed it was quite foggy, I also noticed that the cars on the road were driving with hazard lights on. ?? What ever happened to their fog lights? Anyhow, this morning, I got on the bus jejely and noticed that the driver was a new one. He was looking rather nervous with a bus full of expats.. This morning was extra-foggy. I mean, it was a thick blanket of fog up there. I swear you could barely see more than 3 feet ahead. Since I was one of the last people to get on the bus, I got a spot right behind the driver.

As the journey proceeded, I had my eyes on the driver. I noticed he was looking like he could not see anything. I could almost swear I felt the bus swerving but only just slightly. Now me I would usually have the driver to do his business while I use the 1hr on the bus as an excuse to replenish on my sleep but for some reason, I just did not feel comfortable with this tiny guy at the wheel. I found myself following his every move..heck, I could have done a better job driving that bus myself. And all those suicidal drivers on the road were not helping matters either. See people doing like 100km in less than 10% visibility! Shuow!.. I respect o.. Seems like people around here have a death wish. Na so dem go dey speed without regard. You will see some cars moving and you will fraid’ Anyway, the driver sha managed to get us to the learning centre in one piece. While waiting at the entrance for the main gates to open up, the yeye guy forgot to put the hand brakes on and the whole bus was just rolling back. Me and about five people had to shout out at him to get the brakes! Imagine o! I survived the horrible driving conditionis from the hotel only for this wan-kind-anuofia to try killing me upon reaching my destination. God no go give am chance. You bet I will not be getting on his bus again!
I have been looking at the computer too much lately. I swear I'm starting to go cross eyed. I need a break abeg!


naijababe said...
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Bhookey said...

lol eh yah pele, its not funny o , thank God yall got there safe o! have a great week!

pink gloves said...

lol. Olodo. COrniche. Tehehe.
When are u coming to Dubai again?
Sorry i didnt have any info on that stuff that u wanted.

Tolantino said...

Chei.. me and my grammatical blunders.. I stand corrected o (Corniche) As for the thing i was asking you about, I found myself stalking this black chic at the Abu Dhabi mall last night cos she was rocking some nice hair do which I thought was a weave. Anyways, I summoned courage to ask her only to realize it was just her hair. She gave me some saloon people number whom she thought could help me. Cut long story short, i got to the saloon and they was looking at me like i was talking greek when i asked them if they could help me out with my hair. Seems I will have to carry this one on my head until I go to Naija

pink gloves said...

eya. sorry. There are some Ethiopian hairdressers here in Dubai, but their English is one kind too.
Sorry by the time i made it home yesterday, it was after 10pm. i will call u today.

30+ said...

Dubai connections o ga o.

Tolantino, na lie iro ni won pa, dey will not kill you for us.

Tolantino said...


Amin Eledumare! Lol.. Thanks for the prayers.. Dem no fit catch me..
(....Tolantino continues to quote all those powerful bible verses)