Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Abu Dhabi - UAE

To ignore one’s blog for so long is a crime that only people who understand my position can forgive.

Its been 20days since my last post and enough stuff has happened to me in this time. So, I got back to Mumbai in one piece. I completed all the requirements for my Abu Dhabi school and all is set for my departure. My good friends at the flat in Mumbai even had a bit of a leaving do party for me. I arrived in Abu Dhabi via Bahrain on 12th Jan. During the transit flight in Bahrain, I could feel the chill in the air. I’d always heard about how crazy-mad-hot the weather is in the middle east but I wasn’t expecting this kind of cold-chilly-gloomy weather. Anyhow, I proceeded to Abu Dhabi and the first thing I had to do was to get myself a proper winter jacket. This set be back about 60USD.

The first thing I want to say about Abu Dhabi… Absolutely Fantabulous! This place is out of this world. There is so much money here.. you can almost smell it in the air. The cars on the streets, the wonderful mansions you drive past and even right down to the grace with which the locals carry themselves.. I have been here almost two weeks and I am so in love with this place already. I sometimes have to stop myself from shining my eyes too much so that people dont start looking at me like some village girl! Anyhow, I dey try to maintain myself and enjoy as much as I can for now.

Classes started the very second day after I arrived here. My 23rd birthday was on the 16th of January and I celebrated this with all of my classmates. This is like the first birthday I have actually had time and money to celebrate in a long long time. We went to TGI Fridays for a meal and it was absolutely wonderful. The very following weekend, we all took a bus to the Desert near Dubai and we had so much fun… I actually thought that my heart was going to stop beating. I took an off-road bike on the sand dunes.. a 4x4 thrill ride, camel riding, pictures, sand boarding.. OMG.. so much fun this has to almost be a crime. I have really tired to compress this gist so as not to bore you to bits.

I am currently dieing while jacking for an exam tomorrow. All this is just too long story. The bottom line is that I wished I hadn’t stopped blogging..I have missed out on so so many things which I wanted to share… We now have plans to visit Dubai this coming weekend.. visit nice hotels and shopping malls and OMG. The shopping is soo soo cheap.. I may just be maxing out all of my savings over the next couple of weeks..

Enjoy the pictures.. I have some vidoes which aren't cooperating with my webpage.. dem no gree load o but I will keep trying



joicee said...

Good on you girl... You really are having fun. So does this mean you have left India for good??
I would love the countries on the arabian peninsula very soon.

Tolantino said...

My stint in India is still very much on.. I will be here for the next 7 weeks, maybe take a holiday after this ( I am having Naija on my mind) and then return to India.

Naapali said...

Just came by to find out what Ajala was up to. I am glad u are well and u appear to be having more fun than u did on that rig.
Take care! And I hear Arab men have a fetish for black women so who knows...?

Uzo said...

Abu Dhabi oozes serious money....Enjoy and happy belated birthday

Tolantino said...

@ Uzo.. for sure this place oozes serious money.. infact I don tire.. I cannot shout. The other day in Dubai I saw Emirati people living it large... my voice failed me sef.. I cannot shout
@Naapali.. I cannot compare this place to the rig.. This place is like heaven on earth (maybe i exaggerate a As for Arab men and fetish.. Me I dont know o.. all i know is that dem people are hot.. very fresh looking in the kind of way that only good money can make you look