Sunday, 28 October 2007

I'm Nigerian

I have always wanted to put this post up but I have always found many reasons not to. First of all, I am Nigerian, and then I am everything else. In as much as I may blow the biggest grammar and add to it funky pho-ney as my fellow Nigerians would say, every last bone in my body is Naija till I D*I*E and if you don’t believe me, here is proof

Now that I have done my bit as a patriotic citizen of the motherland, I must say that at times, it is very difficult to be a Nigerian passport holder. As a matter of fact, every law abiding citizen of Nigeria who dares to conduct a life outside of Nigeria deserves a medal for being brave enough to hold this green passport. Many a time that I have not been considered for job applications, many a time I have been given a load of shit at embassies and consulates, many a time I have even lied about my true nationality because being “Nigerian” would not have been appropriate. Some passports open unlimited doors around the world for their citizens, the green passport which I hold has unfortunately closed certain doors but for the grace of God and his unwavering favor. But still, I am proud to be Nigerian because it makes me a fighter and a survivor. It makes me the person whom I am and everywhere I go, I have found love and acceptance with the people I have met.

To all Nigerians out there, keep fighting, keep surviving and most importantly, don’t give up while clutching your green passport close to your ever erratically beating heart.


kemi said...

i like this bit....being a Nigerian has closed certain doors while other citizenships cause more doors than is required to be opened...nice stuff...Thank God for God...I understand when pple talk abt how being a Nigerian limits them but I refuse to take that in...u n only u can determine where to stop.....Go tola go tola go...!!!!!!!!(Kemi)

Ozymandias said... true of the green color...alarms begin to sound once you hold it for life.

Wanda said...

And have you tried to get a new passport lately. Forget the foreigners who get jittery once they see that green passport... our own Naija people are as bad. God help you if you happen to live where there is no Naija embassy or consulate... and you need a new passport. All I can say is as proud as I am to be Nigerian, I am glad I have a fall back nationality.

kemi said...

very happy 4 u..but u can hardly see British, American, canadian, Australian or even chinese passports for sale on the shelves in WHSmith..u av to be entitled before applyn for another citizenship or nationality..u get me..if this thing was for sale i am sure there will be an exponential shrinkage in the numerical value of nigerian citizenship..u still with me!!!!!!!!anyway for those who r not entitled for another country's citizenship i guess its a matter of putting in that extra bit of effort..innit!!!!!!