Monday, 10 September 2007

Right at your doorstep ( part 2)

Those of you who read the first part of this story on my old blog will know what I’m going on about. As for those of you who haven’t been on my old blog, you can find it at

I never thought I would be coming back to this story but that only goes to show that wonders shall never cease. I got a call about 3 days ago from GMP (Greater Manchester Police) Being a Nigerian in Diaspora, I started to panic. Even though I hadn’t done anything wrong (other than getting caught doing 42 mph in a 30 mile zone), I couldn’t help but be scared. The lady told me that a suspect had been apprehended in relation to the burglary which I witnessed. The burglar apparently left a blood stain at the house and forensics tests was able to identify the guy. I was like FOR REAL! All those lovely scenes from CSI started to flash before me and for a second, I felt like an actor in one of the scenes (back to reality now). The lady inspector was wondering if I could give a statement and if the case does go to court, if I was willing to give evidence. I was like
Number one: I will give a statement
Number two: I will not give evidence in court
Reason being that the guy whose flat screen TV was stolen has home insurance and has probably made a claim and also, these guys know where I live since it was my shout that chased them away. I will not further expose myself by going to court not even for a murder trial but for a TV theft. Life in the UK is worth less than a flat screen TV these days with all the indiscriminate stabbings and shootings. Witnesses are too scared to show their faces in court. And that includes moi

During the statement (which was taken almost 2 weeks after the incident) she was asking me all sorts of questions. What were they wearing on tops and bottoms? What did the mountain bikes look like? (I don’t know) It has been so long. Maybe if they came to take a statement the same day as the incident, I would have been able to remember these little details. And all this brings me back to the conclusion that I cant wait to move out of this house!

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