Friday, 7 September 2007

The Cheek …!

Without going into too much details. I have been dealing with a lady regarding some urgent corporate stuff. It’s been going on for months now without getting anywhere. I have made telephone calls and even sent emails which have been ignored. I have even come to the conclusion that the woman is sick of hearing my bated breadth on the phone and reading my lousy emails. This was when I decided to up the ante and then called her boss. Naturally, her boss my have berated her and she started sending me regular emails to update me. But I then realised that this lady started dropping some nasty bombshells. For instance, we had come to an agreement to reach a deadline next Saturday only for me to get an email from her at 11pm on a Friday evening. Hang on a minute! I don’t know any british person who would stay back at the office until 11pm even on double pay. To make matters worse, she was going to be out of office on Monday and I wouldn’t be able to talk to her until Tuesday. Smart lady. She had obviously timed the email to be sent out at 11pm and hence giving me the whole weekend and Monday to cool down before sinking my teeth into her on Tuesday morning. Same thing happened yesterday, I received and email from her at around 6pm when I fully know that she is normally out of the office by 5pm. I don tire ( I am tired) I don’t know how to get one on her!

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