Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My Amazing Story of God's Healing

Written on Wednesday 5th February 2013

In the September of 2012 while canoeing on the River Wye with some of my friends, I was involved in a minor accident whereby the canoe I was in capsized (click for story). I was fasting during this period and coincidentally, this was the last day of my fast. Of all 3 of us involved, I was the only person who sustained an injury – a dislocated left shoulder.  I thank God for his grace that things were not worse.  The paramedics came out and examined my arm, I hadn’t sustained any broken bones to God’s glory but I had to immobilize my hand for a while.  As the healing process began, things just didn’t feel quite right with my hand, I would hear clicks while swimming or exerting myself but I would always ignore these until one eventful morning on 11th January 2013 (this was just 5 days before my birthday) It was one of those mornings when the bin men were picking up the bins on a different day to the usual. I rushed out of bed in a sleepy haze to hurriedly get my bin out after 2 weeks of stockpiling waste. In my hurriedness, I missed a step and just as I was about the steady myself with my left hand, I twisted my shoulder all over again. The pain was sharp and it was like a frozen towel hit me in the face. I have been in so much pain in my left hand since then. Things had gotten to the point where I wake up almost every morning with my pinky and ring fingers completely numb. I also get terrible pains in my wrist and shoulder blades.  

Where is all this going you may ask? Well, a little more patience my friends. On Tuesday 5th February 2013 I attended my 4th Alpha course session titled “Why and How Should I pray” this is one of the things I struggle with in my Christian life. Trying to get it right has always been an obsession as well as knowing truly when God is speaking to me. The session touched a chord with me and during the discussion sessions, the presenter talked about the first prayer he prayed and God answered. He asked for a bible and a few minutes later, his father called him over and gave him a bible.  For me, this was a reminder of God’s promise to his children “Ask and it shall be given”
At the end of the session as always, Pastor asked if anyone wanted special prayers for anything. I was tempted to be quiet and have the session end so we could all go home but something within me spoke out and I made a special request for God to heal my left shoulder.  This was not the first time I had prayed for healing in my left shoulder, but this time, it was different. I had made a conscious decision prior to keep a prayer journal so I could list my prayers and then check the answered ones so I can have a constant reminder of all that God has done for me.  As pastor’s wife touched my left shoulder to pray for me, I just felt this really cool sensation in the inside of my arm right from my neck to my finger tips. I knew in my heart that something amazing was happening and I just tuned myself in to that sensation.  Driving home that night, my left arm felt different.  I went to sleep with a feeling that my left arm was healed but still at the back of my mind, I knew I had to wake up the following morning to see if I would have numb fingers. To God’s glory I work up and my left arm felt as normal as my right arm.

People, God healed my left arm! As I type this up on Wednesday 6th February, I have joy in my heart and I am grateful for God’s glory. I know in my heart that God is true, loving and kind and all we need to do is believe in him and he will answer all the needs of our hearts. I would like to encourage you all to not be afraid to ask God. I truly believe that my story this morning would have been different if I hadn’t taken that step of faith and placed my troubled limb in God’s hands.  

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