Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Kate Middleton Topless - Who Cares??

I am a big fan of Kate Middleton. I like the girl very much. In fact, I like her oracle more. Her oracle snagged Kate a real life prince. You gotta admire good work and give credit where it is due.

 Overall, I am sure she is a very nice girl married to what at the time was the most eligible young man in the world. Our dear William may not be the best looking but when you are loaded, it is amazing how money can turn King Kong into prince charming. 

Now, my gripe at the minute is the shamelessness with which newspapers the world over are displaying by posting half naked pictures of Kate Middleton. To make matters worse, these pictures were obtained by a peeping Tom who took the photos with telephoto long range lenses while the Duchess was on a private property in France.

I have seen these photos and being an African woman, I dont find them remarkable at all. I just want to stuff food into the girl so that she can add more flesh to places where it will really matter. All I saw was a very skinny girl indulging in top less sun bathing which I have never understood for the life of me. I mean, who cares if your boobs are tanned or not? its not like you are walking the streets with your boobs exposed for all to admire.. presence of boobs or not.

What is most annoying now is that Kate Middleton and her half naked photos are allover the news, cant watch CNN without hearing about them, cant watch BBC news or even listen to BBC radio without hearing about Kate's boobs. 

Dear God, please help the world's media move on from Kate Middleton's (lack of) boobs


'Lara said...

I am tired of reading about it but as always more important or crazier things will happen...the media will soon get bored.

Atary said...

That's the media for you. They can make you, they can also decide to mar or destroy you.
Feel sorry for Kate

Tolantino said...

Lara, Atary, welcome to my blog.
I think it's crazy how much power the media has. They basically set the tone of discussion. There are so many things that the world shuld be talking the wars in Syria, deaths of innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan and so many other injustices. Unfortunately, all that sad depressing news doesn't generate ratings..a bit of naked royalty will definitely get the job done