Monday, 8 February 2010

Bikini Clad Fantasies

Ever since the moment I realised I was my own person and I could do whatever I wanted to do, the first thought that came to my mind back in 2006 was that I wanted to go to Ibiza. Why Ibiza? Well, Ibiza was the HQ of British sin-dom at the time. Teenagers going out on dead cheap flights, cavorting on the streets and getting arrested. I did not pick Ibiza because i wanted to get myself arrested but I picked Ibiza because it was probably the only holiday that I could afford at the time. They had week deals for ridiculous prices like 150Euros. Now if that was not a deal, I don’t know what would have been
Part of my Ibiza fantasy involved buying my very first bikini. Lol. Yes, Myself, TOLANTINO, at some sinful holiday resort in Ibiza, sipping on Mojitos, Cosmopolitan cocktails the whole lot, in my very sinful looking bikini beside the pool just enjoying myself into oblivion. But this fantasy was not complete. The next part would involve me slowly setting aside my empty cocktail glass and sashaying into the pool for a cool off swim. My GOODNESS.. that was the ultimate fantasy. However, there was a small glitch in this fantasy, Tolantino could not swim even if her life depended on it.
I just could not swim! I never learnt to swim as a child. So this little detail made my little Ibiza fantasy an impossible one. There is no way on earth I would go to Ibiza, lay beside the pool in a bikini, sip on cocktails in my bikini and not go into the pool for a cool off swim. No way. I was going to make this fantasy work one way or the other though and this was what motivated me to take up swimming classes in my final year at uni.
I vividly remember my first swimming class in the winter of 2005. I was so terrified to let go of the side of the pool. My instructor kept reassuring me and here was this grown ass of a 20 year old female screaming ‘’ Mommy.. I can’t do it’’ hehehehehehe. My instructor would come back and say ‘’Tola.. your mommy is not going to help you.. Let go of the wall!’’ Lol. I slowly started to understand that there was no way I would drown in 1m depth of water, I learnt my balance. We moved on to the breast strokes and the front crawl. I learnt my breathing techniques. I completed the beginner’s class and I believe till this day that this is one of my greatest non-academic accomplishments (other than passing my UK Driving Test!) I am so proud of myself for getting over my fear of drowning and trusting my body to keep me afloat. One of the most difficult things one could ever do as an adult is learn to swim. You have to get over your fear of drowning and this is not as easy as it may sound.

Recently, I graduated to the deep end of the pool. 2.0m and I felt totally confident. My new gym has a massive swimming pool as well so I will be going more often to practice my strokes. I am even thinking of joining the advanced swimming class now. I cannot wait to see how that goes

Why am I blogging about swimming again?
Firstly, I am trying to relate this to things in life which one may think is totally impossible and people’s reactions to such things. I look back 5 years to the day i bought my first swim suit and stepped into a pool for the first time. I remember those friends who teased me and said my ass was too big to float and i also remember those friends who were inspired by me and also took the step of learning to swim (and are still swimming!) Never let negativity and what people say affect your dreams baby. You are more than all that. The most important thing is your ability and your aspirations.
Secondly, I am finally going to buy that bikini, that bikini is going to be BAD ASS and I am not going to Ibiza. I’m thinking South America, maybe Venezuela where people live in their bikinis!! God knows I deserve this!


Viajera said...

LOL!! Fer sure! Kudos to you for doing what YOU want, what makes you happy! Hopefully we will see a bikini pic. ;)

David said...

Hahaha. Good for u though. Am still terrified of water. A couple friends and I went tubing last summer, I ended up in the lake, fighting my life jacket while my 'evil' friends laughed their butt off b4 deciding to save me from drowning. Good memories tho.

Tolantino said...

Viajera - Thank You for your comments.

David - Can't believe your 'friends' did that. This is like every non-swimmer's nightmare. You should take classes though. You are possible! ;-)

isha said...

wow, i can totally relate.i am learning how to swim at the moment and it truly is an accomplishment.
For the first time.i can now float without any aid.its a feeling of pure joy,better late than never and i so look forward to being able to swim on vacation now and not clutching to the edge of the pool.

Tolantino said...

Hello Isha,

Thats great! Congratulations on achieving your floating goal. But you should not stop there. I enrolled in another bout of advanced-starters class at the end of 2012. With that complete, I am about to start my improver class anytime now! Go for it!!