Monday, 22 June 2009

Last Post In India

Hey Guys.. I mentioned that I made a post on my last day in India. I am attaching my writings and thoughts below:

Over the last couple of months, I totally lost any type of interest in maintaining this blog. I recognized this as a turning point in my life. I had basically come to accept India for what it is. Mumbai where I am based may not be the best place in the world, but its certainly not the worst. According to an article on CNN, the worst place to live and work in the world is Lagos. Yes my brothers and sisters, our very own Lagos and Mumbai came in at an impressive 5th. I was convinced that if Mumbai was not the top of the list, it would certainly be the second. But I was forced to eat my words people.

Over the last few months, I have done a lot of things in india. I visited New Delhi which is like the Abuja of India. I also went on a suicidal road trip to infamous Goa. The total distance from Mumbai is 550km on what is the most tiniest, zig-zagest, hilliest and most perilous road that I have ever been on in my entire life. We had rented a car and the whole journey took a total of 10hrs. By the time we got to Goa, I had cursed myself on numerous occasions. I was being tight and didn’t want to pay the 20,000 rupees for the return flight. I ended up paying less than 5000 rupees for the entire car trip. The to and fro journey took 24hrs and believe me, the Goa experience is second to none. The drive was the most scenic of my life. I would definitely go again but definitely not by road.

Ahh.. life has been good. I was in Naija for xmas and new year. I came back to India and went on a work related trip to Houston. The experience was nice but I swear to God that the most stupidest thing I have ever done, other than travelling to Goa by road was to choose to go to Houston for work seminar from India (18hrs total trip.. minus transit times) when I could have hopped on a 4hr plane from Mumbai to Abu-Dhabi to do the same course. I was jetlagged for almost one week. Working with 12hrs time difference, it felt like my body was in Houston, but my spirit, kidney, liver and all other vital organs were in Mumbai. Totally awful experience. I would not do it again except there is entirely no other options available.

I came back from Houston to find that I am being transferred back to the UK. The news came as a bit of a shock at first because I was not expecting to go back until Oct 09. They wanted me to go back 6 months early and they wanted me out of the country like yesterday. Everything was so rushed up. I only got the transfer letter 8 days ago and here I am, sitting at the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, waiting on my Qatar plane to start boarding for the trip back to Manchester. All my belongings in Mumbai were picked up two days ago by the shipping company. Everything has been a blur to be quite honest with you. But with all certainty, I will be arriving in Manchester later today.

I will miss so many things about Mumbai. The cheapness of the place for starters. The ability to just walk into a 5 star hotel or bar and just ENJOY.. hehehe…My friends and other expat co-workers, Dela-Madam. Between Friday and Wednesday, I swear they must have sent me off like 5 different times every single day of the week. I will miss these guys so dearly. Everything did seem a bit artificial to me in the beginning and I knew it would all have to come to an end but I just didn’t expect it to end so soon. Its all this failing world economy. I blame it on the economic downturn. But to be honest with you, I am excited to go back. I will be going to shop for a car. I will start looking for a flat. My gosh.. I am all giddy with excitement.

In all, India for me has been an incredible experience. I will never regret my choice in leaving the comfy-ness of my place in Manchester and embarking on this journey. A lot of people thought I was crazy to do this but it was worth it. There have been tears, laughter, despair, anger, loneliness, fear, joy, contentment and every other emotion that you can think of. I am so very much grateful.

I don’t know if I will be keeping up this blog when I go back to the UK. I am still thinking of it. I will make up my mind depending on what I encounter when I get there.

PS: Someone from work in india discovered my blog and he came up to me asking “You don’t really like India now do you?” I was like.. “Ermm… Ermmm.. “ But what I should have said is that “its my blog.. my expressions.. leave it to me and keep your opinions to your very opinionated self!” hehehe.. lol.. But really, there isn’t anything offensive on this blog is there? As per work related and stuff? If anyone thinks I may be stepping on some sensitive toes, please let me know and I will exercise caution.



kuesooM said...

Thanks for this post. I can so relate. Things here have reached a bad point due to the economy and when i thot id be here for longer it does not look like it...but at least they will let me sit out my contract, as I'm still busy with work...but thanks it makes me realize that my situation is not all that bad!

Tolantino said...

Hey, I am happy to hear that they are letting you sit out your contract. The economic situation really got a lot of people in a right spot. Especially expatriates. I know people who lost their jobs in India. I know people who got sent out of the country to go and work in their home countries. I have heard all sorts of stories which none of us could have predicted when we packed out bags and left our lives for what we thought were greener pastures in India. Stay strong and keep on doing the good job.