Saturday, 8 March 2008

A trip to the Pakistani Resturant

As my time here draws to an end, I start to get tired of the things I used to enjoy and the people around me. The class dynamics has really changed. The people whom I used to be friends with now seem like they are no longer interested in speaking to me. I feel people around me being really irritable and no one has got time for anyone else. I think its this place! Its getting to us! We aren’t allowed to drive, getting taxi’s can sometimes be a nightmare and still, you have to cope with the class exams and assignments. Phew! God knows I won’t be missing this part of Abu-Dhabi.

One of the things I’ve managed to accomplish is ENUF shopping. Since the airline baggage limit is only a miserable 20kg and excess baggage fees na die, I’ve had to resort to cargoing my shopping back to Lagos! Everyone in my class seems to think I’m a shopaholic! I guess I have always had the potential of becoming one.

Last night we went to some Pakistani restaurant. You probably remember my girl, Penny (from my Mumbai posts). She is being transferred to China permanently. I may never see her again. Life is truly a bitch. She is also here in Abu Dhabi for some training so we hooked up and went to some Pakistani restaurant with my class mates. The food is very much same as the Indian cuisine and it only served to remind me that I would be going back to India very soon. We decided to go do some girl bonding/gossiping at the jazz bar.

Place: Jazz Bar
I only had two glasses. All of a sudden, I started to feel really sick. I wasn’t feeling sick due to the alcohol but it was the kind of sick which makes you want to throw up. I ran to the loo and emptied all of my stomach contents. The last time I got sick like that was back in boarding school when I got malaria. Not ever has this happened to me even after various drinking sessions. Two glasses is truly nothing. We got in a taxi and I still felt like throwing up. Thank God I didn’t mess up the driver’s car. The guy would have killed me. As soon as I got to my flat I drank some water which promptly made me so sick. I swear I was just retching in the loo and I thought I was gonna die. As soon as my stomach settled down, I just crawled into bed and passed out. Thank God I didn’t wake up during the night.

Got up this morning and my throat felt like it’d been ripped apart. I even have a bit of a fever and still feel a bit sick. But since I’m one of those people that will probably carry on even when everything is breaking down inside, I called the cargo company, arranged the pick up and went to the office to finalize the documents. My 29kg of shopping is on its way to Lagos. They berra not eff up my cargo otherwise they will pay through dem noses.

I have an exam tomorrow.. scratch that.. I have two exams tomorrow. Your girl aint read nothing. Sitting here updating my blog with a headache and a bit of a temperature. I think I got some ish from that Pakistani restaurant. I now fear Indian meals o.. I cant even eat nothing as I’m afraid I will start feeling sick again. The Lord is my strength o… I berra go study.


pink gloves said...

omo sounds like food poisoning. You will be ok. It was nice talking to you last night. Abeg send me ur facebook info.

Tolantino said...

I'm much better today.. thanks. I already added you to face book. Look out for my alert.


Uzo said...

Cargoed your stuff? That's my girl...Not looking forward to going back to India are you?