Thursday, 28 February 2008

29 days in a leap year

I remember finding it very difficult understanding the concept of a Leap Year as a child. I could not understand why the first four Februarys would have 28 days and then every fifth February would have 29 days. I felt my primary two class teacher was trying to f&%k about with my brain. After the woman had failed me a couple of times for not answering the very question correctly, I just decided to humor her and start entering 29 days whenever the question was asked. As a grown girl, I am still confused. I think those astrological heffers are feeding us cosmic bull sh%t. Whatever sha.. I will still follow their calendar. The concept of a leap year is something to look forward to every four years just like the Olympics. I rest my case.

Yet another weekend here in Abu Dhabi and I have resolved to spend the first half of the day studying for my next exam which will be on Sunday. Oh.. did I also mention we have a written quiz on the very same day! These people will not kill me o!. Today is Friday. Yesterday we wrote a 6-hrs software-related exam and then there was another 2 hrs exam after this. I refuse to die o! I have two weeks left here and I am already thinking of my trip to Naija. Gosh do I miss home! I miss it so much that I can’t even really remember all the annoying things that make me want to leave as soon as I land. What the heck.. I guess its those annoying things that are really pulling me back.

For the main koko of today’s post. We have been banned from going to Dubai o! Remember the car incident I told you happened last week. Imagine! And there is so much for to be had in Dubai. I guess your babe will just have to softly flex muscles here in Abu Dhabi until further notice. I just thank God that my class did all the Dubai runs much earlier on in our course. Desert safari, Emirates mall, indoor skiing, IBN Battuta Mall, Burj El Arab and all the other et ce tera stuff.

Yah..I haven't forgotten my promise to post pictures of the last trip to Dubai. We went to the Wild Wadi water park. One word..Fantabulous! There were quite a few water rides but your babe got tired after the first three or four as they are all more or less the same concept. Pluse my braids was getting wet! This was when I decided to laze around in the sun and start working on my “tan”. Yeah right.. I wish! Enjoy!

Wild Wadi Wild Drop! (this is what I've chosen to call it)

A view of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel & some of Wild W adiYour Girl Tolantino feeling all summery. Meanwhile, the cold breeze wanted to finish me

Tolantino at the Naija Restaurant in Deira, Dubai. I dare you to diss me and my ogbono fingers. Another massive shout out to pink gloves who showed me this place. To Sisto, thanks for capturing me in all of my fingerlickin glory.

Love it or hate it..the Burj El Arab is everywhere. Its right in front of Wild Wadi

Mercato Mall: No trip to Dubai is complete without visiting a mall.Its like a ritual.

So, there you have it... what could possibly by my last trip to Dubai before my visa expires.. Until the next post... Peace be unto you all


Uzo said...

These posts make me want to go back to Dubai right now....

Tolantino said...


Go back to Dubai! I swear there is nowhere like it! I'm already shedding tears as my time is almost up..

30+ said...

I'm hitting Dubai in May budget or no Budget

pink gloves said...

Tolantino, remember how that man dissed u after u finished ur food. Clean plat no shakings. lol. I might reach that side early next week. lol. Sorry I havent been able to get the pix off the phone. once i do, i will send them to u. i think i have to reload the software onto my computer. I havent 4gotten, i owe u a call. Just school work is kicking my behind.
Send my regards to Sisto abeg.

Tolantino said...

@ Pink..

I almost forgot about our dearest Mr.F. I think you should blog about the guy sef.. very funny. I don't understand why he was dissing me for cleaning my plate. Me i kuku no send!

Naapali said...

And unto you peace! Naija restaurant in Dubai. We are indeed everywhere aint we?

Ms. emmotions said...

correct naija gal u are !
ur plate thorougly

Tolantino said...


Naija everywhere o! I was not a believer until I jam naija restaurant in India. This restaurant was the crudest setting ever with long benches everywhere. There was even an Indian boy called 'sule' who spoke pigeon English and was serving us. I was truly afraid.

@Ms. Emotions
Naija for life!