Wednesday, 12 September 2007

A Punto's Tale

Sold! Sold! Sold!
The car was sold off less than 24hrs after advertising the sale. I just wanted to sell it off. Do not get me wrong. The car was in pretty good shape. The only thing is that I was starting to feel as though owning a car was not worth it. I remember initially buying the punto. I was so Chuffed! My very own first machine. As you can see from the picture below, we both looked good together.
I first got the car while living in a place called Darlington in County Durham. It was’nt that much of a typical run down estate but as I was an intern during this time, I was a bit low on cash and I just had to make do. The first blow came when the driver’s door was jacked open. I never leave anything in the car so I could not understand why this had happened. I got the door fixed. About a month later, the passenger’s door was also jacked open. Nothing was also taken. By then, I’d already stated panicking. I was literally expecting to be car jacked in broad daylight. The mother of all blows came about a week before I left Darlington. I awoke to find that the ignition would not start. I noticed fuel underneath the car. I called the recovery guy who then found out that the fuel supply line underneath the car had been cut into two. Whomever did this must have really gone out of their way to cause me pain. The guy fixed the pipe and I was on my merry way. All this within a year of owning the car and I was almost broken

Since the incidents listed above, both doors have been jacked open on no less than 5 occassions. The driver’s window has been smashed and I even went through a phase where I left the doors open and also left a note on the dash board pleading with “scallies” not to break into my car as everthing had been stolen. I sometimes wonder if all Puntos out there are specifically targeted or was it just my bad luck? Maybe if I drove a nice BMW or MERC, I would never have experienced all these troubles (probably worse).

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