Sunday, 7 February 2010

The thing with wearing your heart on your sleeves...

The thing with wearing your heart on your sleeves is that it can be easily snatched away from you and trampled on by all and sundry. Its a shame but life is such that people with good intentions always end up on the wrong end of the stick. The end of the stick that is attached to the mop if you catch my drift.

Live life without expecting too much from the people around you. To expect too much is to leave you open to disappointment
Live life like there will be no tomorrow. Enjoy the now with the fullness of your heart and let no one tell you that you cannot be whom you want to be or do what you want to do because YOU are the person who determines your path in life. Never forget that
Do not give a shit about what other people think. If they are not happy with you, they can go to blazes. You have your head firmly screwed to your neck so what else could they possibly want. You cannot make everyone be happy with you. If they are not happy, then they can die unhappy
To sit and do nothing about your “Situation” is like to expect to pass an exam without actually attending classes or doing any studies. How the heck do you expect to pass that exam again hun?? Get yourself some brawns and get off your backside. Life waits for no one
Btw, what the heck are you still doing with your heart still on your sleeves?? Put it right back in your chest this minute and grown some gall bladder..There is no room for self pity. There is no room for weakness.. Promise yourself never again.. Promise yourself this one thing babe and so help you God!


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