Tuesday, 16 February 2010

First Date and Valentines Day

On Valentines Day, I remember my first date ever. It was also the most unexpected date which happened to coincided with Valentine ’s Day. His name was T (I am on the coded level here)

T worked for a company that was providing some contracting work for the company which I worked with. Now, I must say that being the only Sista in that building at the time, I did get great deal of attention from the guys, especially those doing contracting work. All they ever managed to muster to me was a simple “hi”. But deep down inside in my sprit, I could still feel their eyes on me as I turned my back and walked away.
So this day happened to be two days before Valentine ’s Day. This was me, totally single, without a date and without any prospects of a date. My valentine’s day was going to be a very boring one. I had noticed T as one of the workers in the building at the time but like I said, all he ever said to me was a polite ‘hi’. On this very day, he stopped me on the corridor and asked me what I thought of the work which they had been doing in the office. Well, what else I could say but to sing out praises. I gave a very polite reply and went my way. Two hours later, I went up to get myself some coffee and bumped into T again. I smiled and he asked me if I lived in the Area. I gave him a general description of the town in which I lived and he seemed to know the area as well. In the middle of our conversation, my manager walked past and he went off. A minute later, my manager’s manager walked past and gave me this funny look like “WTF is Tola doing chatting to this guy in work time!” hehehehehe. You know sometimes that looks carry a heavier weight that actual words so I excused myself from T and went back to my desk. Two hours later, I went up to get another cup of tea (we like to drink tea in jand) and yet again bumped into T. At this point, I had sensed that guy was dieing to have a conversation with me and I could also sense his apprehension. This time around, he asked me what I was up to, if I had any plans, blah blah blah. He asked if I would just go out with him for dinner or some drinks. I thought to myself “Brother is asking me out” While doing so, I could sense that he was almost just suggesting it rather than saying it straight forward. I said yes. Why the heck not! I could see the relief on his face at this point. He asked for my number to text me the details, I put it on a sticky pad for him.
Later that evening, I got a text message from T. He said that he had booked a table for two at some restaurant in my area for valentine’s eve and he wanted to know if I would be able to make it. I did not reply that message; I was starting to develop cold feet. I was starting to get a bit liver-less because it occurred to me that this was actually going to be my FIRST date ever (my first proper date) 2 hrs after the text message, T called me back ( I think he must have sensed that I was about to back out or something) He asked me if I would be coming out to dinner, the table had been reserved (how could I say no now that bobo had gone through all this effort) He said that he doesn’t drink much alcohol so he would come pick me up at my place (gosh.. I was so excited, it was going to be just like in the movies.. boy comes to pick girl up at her place for the first date. The only thing missing was the parents who would quiz boy about how late I was going to be out.. lol) Anyways.. I agreed to the date…

I went out for my first official date a day before valentines day. T was bang on time.. he pulled up, picked me up and we had a nice meal and nice conversation. Lol.. The waitress asked us what we would be up to after dinner and T explained to her that we had only just officially met up the day before at my place of work and I had agreed to come out with him. Lol.. I was blushing and all that. Dinner ended quite early, till this day, I still have quite fond memories of my first date..

I hope you all had a happy Valentines…



David said...

Sounds like you did have a fun dinner with T, so what's the status u guys still going out??? Just curious, Lol.
P.s. I have been reading your blog for a while now, i totally love it.

MR B said...

Interesting blog, I googled Ajala and this is what I came up with. Nice first date story, and some other interesting posts...keep it up

Tolantino said...

David - Things did not work out with T. We never lifted off the ground for various reasons

Mr B - Thanks for supporting the blog