Saturday, 21 June 2008

See Drama!

Tolantino.. you are full of Drama! And this was me thinking that there was no more drama in my life. Can you believe that I missed my fight to Kakinada on Saturday morning? yeah.. the driver was supposed to come and pick me up at 4am and guess what time your girl got out of bed? 8.30am! Hmmm...where do I even start from? OK.. from the very here goes..Back tracking to Thursday

So.. one of my friends was celebrating birthday on thursday night. He lives at the other end of town which takes about 2 hours in traffic. I haven't partied in two months so I decided to take my overnight stuff to their place as they had a spare bedroom.. I was going to stay there till Saturday before i go back to my flat and prepare for the rig. BTW, manager informed me that I was going to the rig on the following Monday. He told me this on Weds so I had done my calculation.. there was enough time for a party.

Thursday night.. party was awesome.. it was fantastic! I mean.. your babe must have downed about one and a half bottle of red wine and my head was already spinning.. i didn't sleep till about 3 am. I was so totally effed up by the time i woke up the following morning at 7am. i managed to get to my office but i was totally useless. I was half sober when I went to talk to my manager that early Friday morning regarding the preparations for my rig hitch. So.. my manger goes like this..

"Tola.. you and Engineer XXX will be going to Kakinada first thing tomorrow morning..."
(it was like a slap in the face strong enough to get me all sobered up)
So .. this was me.. with face smiling, all wasted.. half sobered i ask the question..
"what time is the flight??"
My boss goes like:
"6am in the morning"
Me.. in my head i was thinking
All my stuff was still at my friends place.. almost 2hrs drive away. I had packed enough stuff to last a week... toiletries i use on a daily basis, everything.. shit.. how the heck do I have enough time to go to his end of town.. get my stuff.. make it back to my flat and get enough sleep.. and then wake up at 3am for the 4am pick up to the airport.. Dilemma o!

So i finished work at 4.30am.. went to my friends office.. he was too busy.. he was all holed up at work. So i went to stay at another of his friends place.. waiting for him to finish work so that i could meet him up at his place to get my stuff..All this time.. I was half conscious.. I was still being affected by the alcohol and the lack of sleep..By the time I got to get my stuff at my friends place.. it was already around 9.30pm... Taxi driver did not arrive till 11pm. I reached my flat at 12midnight.. I quickly packed my bags and jumped into bed at 1am for a quick nap.. I could have sworn that I set my alarm.. But little did i know...

Next thing.. i wake up.. feeling slightly well rested.. this can't be right.. I should be feeling shitty after only 2 hrs sleep right? I looked for my phone under my pillow which is the usually place i keep it at night.. my phone ain't there.. OMG.. I look at my wrist watch.. 8.30am.. Hail Mary Full Of Grace! I started to panic.. I say where the heck is my phone.. I found it in the bathroom.. with 12missed calls.. The driver called.. the administrator in charge of booking tickets called.. the engineer i was supposed to travel with called.. all of them had done so numerous times.There were text messages as well.. SHIT.. I thought my life was over o! I mean.. I was supposed to be doing a calibration there in KKD before going off to the rig...

So i called the administrator who basically told me there was nothing he could do for me.. I had to report myself first to my boss before he even talks to me.. SHIT! Report myself to my boss? So i called my boss.. he was still sleeping that early on a Saturday.. He calmly tells me to ask administrator to book another flight for me for later in the day, if no availability.. then get the first flight tomorrow..

I was still panicking.. can i not get a train to KKD? Nope.. it takes 26hrs by train from Mumbai and the plane next morning will probably get there before the train. Can i not fly another route? I dint even mind paying for the ticket? NOPE! Its rainy season and the administrator will not let me do that. So.. I had 24hrs to wait.. to be sober and think about my stupidity. Well.. I stayed home all day. Hijo called me up and he made some jokes to make me feel better. I swear I was about to jump out of my 24th floor window. Anyways..I didn't. I got on the 6am flight on Sunday to Kakinada and I made it to the rig on Monday.. Phew! I am still waiting for my boss to call me up and pump me with shit for missing my flight. He hasn't done so yet.. but I can just feel him waiting to do just that. I feel soo guilt ridden and everyone is asking me what happened. How do I open my mouth to tell them..

More gist on my rig experience will follow.. I just thought I would get this off my chest for now...


30+ said...


Na wa for you sha, I can only imagine how you felt. Kpele o

Raffik said...

your story is so bad!
Shit happens!!
Don't worry, you can just pretend to be sick thats it :)

Sisto said...

Babe,no be today matter
upon say i don tell u about ur alarm but u no gree hear
i have to be at ur weddin the night b4
cos i no trust u'll wake up to say u do

OluwaDee said...

It happens.
With d drinking & lil sleep there was no way u were gonna make d flight.

Tolantino said...

Lol @ Sisto. I know you keep warning me about my alarm clock but I guess I really need to take you seriously o. How far with wanting to come wake me up for my OWN wedding? I laughed my head off at that dig.

@Raffik.. is this the same Monsieur Raffik? as in monkey man raffik? how the heck did you find my blog? I am afraid of you!

@30+ Thanks for the commiserations. I appreciate

@ Oluwadee..
I guess i knew deep in my subconscious that I was not gonna make that flight. I was really wasted. I have now vowed to get my priorities straight. Once bitten, twice shy my peeps. Plus no be party they send me come do in India.

archiwiz said...

Woooooowwww... I hope everything went well...Please update on the gist. It doesn't look like your boss was very mad at you.

Nice blog, BTW. You're a real world traveler.

Pink-satin said...

shit!!PELE o!!!i hope ur boss doesnt bite your head off

Raffik said...

Yeah this is me your monkey man!
I put a bug on you so I know everything now...
No way, I just got your blog from your facebook.
Anyway, now all is ok?
I am loaned to Iran for one month, Its damn nice here.
Next time I ask to be loaned in India so be here!!

pink gloves said...

lol, shit happens. How dare u ask me about missing my own flight. bwahaha. lol.

aloted said...

oh my goodness..this indeed is real drama...kai!

anyway thank God no too much katakata burst...

so wat did u manager say in the end??

Tolantino said...

Update: Manager still hasn't mentioned anything about the incident. He is so busy these days.. i guess he's moved on.. lol.. thankfully.. I have seen him get mad at folks in the office and i tell you it aint pretty..